My Bros from the Mexican Section, here are the news of the week:.........?

Pachuca without playing with style defeated Indios 2-1, it makes me wonder if Pachuca will be able to replace Ojitos meza, but then again who hasn't beat Indios this tournament?

Monterrey beat Pumas 1-0 and thought they could become the Leaders but still remain in second place of the Tabla General. I don't understand how Monterrey is second and is eliminated from the Libertadores.

Perhaps the most exciting game (but not the most anticipated) was the 3-3 tie between Atlante and Atlas. El Indio Solari scored but he's still just a ghost compare to what he used to be. It looks like Atlas will hit 60 years without winning a title.

I almost past out when I heard that Tigres finally pulled one and beat the great international team of San Luis 3-0.

Toluca raped Tecos 5-0.

I have no idea how Jaguares keeps beating the top teams but looses to crapy ones, they beat Santos 3-0. I think Jackson Martinez is on crack, the guy won't stop running.

In a game that only Queretaro fans watch Cruz Azul beat Gallos Blancos 1-0, the Cruz Azul fans were at home learning how to beat America.

Puebla keeps proving they can play against anyone and pulled a 1-1 tie in Morelia who is soon to be eliminated from the Libertadores.

Last but no least Chivas beats America 1-0 and allows us Chivas fans to hear all the old and new excuses America fans will come up with for the rest of the week and enjoy how much it bothers them until the next Super Clasico. I kept hearing something about a Tony Lopez who was going to lead them to victory, after watching his performance I now understand their frustration.

Saludos Raza................

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    gracias brothie..

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