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Turbo question? will chose best answer?

Im on a $1300 budget for a reliable turbo set-up (i will only run 5psi). I bought a ebay kit and lots of people say there not safe for any motor.

ebay turbo kit $700

fmu $100

walbro 190lph $100

that leaves me with $400 (i can push it to $500)

what would be a better idea for me from this point?

buy a apexi safc II $400

450cc injecots $100 (my integra only has 240cc stock)


buy a used garrett t4 turbocharger (and use the rest of the ebay kit)


Yes I have been asking questions for two weeks. On forums and yahoo answers. Is that a problem?? I am new at turbos thats why I am trying to gather as much info as possible. If anyone is annoyed dont answer me.

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    I'm glad I'm not the only person who noticed this stuff has been posted repeatedly over the last couple weeks, and not just in here, but in Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Ford, Toyota, Subaru and even VW. The fact is, you are going to get the same answers over and over, that it's hard, NOT impossible as someone said in a previous version of this question, but very hard, especially without a high degree of automotive and fabrication skills. I'm guessing that, given the budget constraints, you are young, inexperienced, and do not possess a welder or the skills to use it efficiently. If you did, then it would be reasonable to do this setup, but it takes a lot of patience to find the parts necessary, and to fabricate your own parts where needed. A full parts list would look like this to build it yourself on that budget without running too much of a risk of blowing something up:

    used turbocharger (DSM 14B or T28)

    Turbocharger rebuild kit

    JGStools log turbo manifold (have to cut the opening and weld the flanges on yourself)


    2" (roughly) piping for intercooler plumbing that you can cut and weld together yourself

    silicone couplers for intercooler piping where necessary

    hose clamps for the couplers

    oil and water lines for the turbo and all fittings

    and that's just the parts to physically bolt it to the car. To actually make it work would require some sort of fueling scheme. To that end you have 2 choices, either get bigger injectors and a piggyback fuel controller, or an AIC (Additional Injector Controller) and 1 injector. To price out all of this, you would have to shop very thrifty, but it can be done. Find a junkyard with a wrecked turbo DSM or Saab or Volvo, and there's your turbo for $100. Spend $65 for a rebuild kit from the manufacturer and rebuild the turbo so it doesn't leak oil, coolant, etc. Buy the piping (maybe $50?) and weld your own intercooler pipes. Ebay intercooler would be fine, probably find a core for $100 and make your own end tanks (since we're already welding our own stuff). JGS Tools manifold is around $200-250. You could probably find a used S-AFC from someone who stepped up to a stand alone EMS for less than $400, and 440cc injectors from a DSM could be found cheap, but I think they would need an injector adapter as they are a different impedence than Honda injectors, so it would be more expensive for those to work than just the price of injectors, but still cheaper than a set of injectors from like, RC. I don't know, however, what an AIC would cost, but I'd imagine the price of an AIC and a single injector could be cheaper than an S-AFC and a quartet of injectors. Then you would still need the uprated fuel pump, of course, but you already have that. This wouldn't be too bad for driveability, but you would be stuck at whatever the factory wastegate spring is, which is, for a DSM or any OEM turbo, probably anywhere from 7-11psi. There are ways to modify that spring pressure, I'm sure, if there isn't an aftermarket spring for it. Also, a T4 turbo would be WAY too big for a civic engine, integra engine, or likewise, especially for 4psi. For that low of a pressure, you would need to look at a compressor map and make sure it works, you might be over the surge line (this is opening a whole 'nother can of worms and a series of questions, I'm sure). Just know that it's bad.

    Honestly, if your budget is that restricted, you probably only have 1 car, and if you spend all your budget on this, you don't have the money to save yourself if/when you blow up your engine because you run too much boost either by accident or semi-intentionally (wanting more power, over-run the boost), then you would have a car with a cheap turbo kit that doesn't run, and won't for a while because you can't afford to fix it. I'm guessing that would leave you stranded too without another car. I'd suggest that, if you don't know how to properly turbocharge a car on a budget, or you can't afford to do it right, that you either save up until it can be done right, or don't do it.

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    i agree you will be hard pressed to get a turbo set up working properly on a $1300 budget there are alot of factors at play and they all have to be modified to play well together $3000 is more realistic i own 2 turbo cars 1 high pressure and 1 low pressure twin turbo. i upgraded hpt and there was alot more to take in to account than just bolting on a new turbo. $1100 for turbo and $1800 to make it play well with the rest of the components

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    thats a tight budget but not impossible. I would buy a garrett. I had a similar problem in the past, turbos are a ***** to hook up right. Join "Team Integra Forums" thats the best forum for integras. good luck bro

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  • ken k
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    10 years ago

    budget is unrealistic/predict 3000 bucks plus/because of ecm system and engine problems with the install/this stuff never works out and is always needing sonething else/cat convt and exhaust and the beat goes on

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