Environmental Engineers?

What exactly do they do?

In what subjects must they major in?

What is their monthly/yearly salary with a master's/bachelor's experience?

How many hours a day do they work?

Thanks For The Help :)

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    Environmental engineers create systems the help asses environmental capacities. There are different areas that you can specialize in such as air management, water systems and research technology. All of which have their own areas expertise and problems.Mainly engineers as a whole manage such projects.

    On a general basis a junior engineer can earn $80,000 and senior engineers earning $150,00+ (CAD).

    In highschool all math and science courses should be taken, then in college math and science courses are the focus for the first year. Depending on the specialization chemistry and geology are main focuses as well as energy systems.

    Engineers also work about 40+ hours a week depending on the job.

    Hope this helps! You can also go onto any university website and check out the different courses and specialties:


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    Beside organic and organic Chemistry, Microbiology is likewise cautioned with the aid of area in sewage therapy calculations of B.O.D. (organic and organic oxygen call for) and C.O.D.(chemical oxygen call for)

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