SM/JYP/YG entertainment auditions? Help?

I am 15 years old and ever since I've developed a love for the Korean culture, I have wanted to become a Korean singer. But I am absolutely positive my parents would go against it, my parents are so strict, you have no idea. They always compare me to my cousins who are really clever and one is studying to become a doctor and almost there. I don't have any interest in that sort of stuff though, I have always wanted to be a singer, and I don't want to do anything else. All I ever do is research on these companies and how to audition, I can't concentrate on my studies or anything. Since I'm 15 and if I tried to audition and IF I got in, then my parents could clearly take me out since I wasn't 18. But I was thinking of auditioning at the age of 18 because then they can't stop me and i'll be legally an adult. But after researching many of the artists profile, they auditioned at such young ages and debuted at like 16, 17, 18 and if I audition at age 18 and got in, I would have to train for a few years. I'm so confused, but my question is do you think they will accept someone aged 18? I know Super Junior's Heechul got accepted at 19 and that's what got me thinking to audition at 18 since my parents can't tell me what to do. I also was wondering which entertainment company to audition for because i'm going to be honest and say I am not pretty whatsoever. My friends sometimes tell me I am, but I don't think I am. I am not obese but kinda chubby. But I actually want to do plastic surgery :/ Please don't go giving me a lecture and it's not like I'm going to do it now, but when I get older. If I auditioned for SM OR JYP because I know they base their choices on looks as well as talent especially SM, and in my audition I told them I wouldn't mind doing plastic surgery, do you think they will accept me? Also I am kind of dark, it's not because of the sun but my natural colour, but I wouldn't mind chemical peel or whatever it is that makes you a lighter skin colour, would they accept if I told them I wouldn't mind?

Sorry for the long rant but my three questions basically were:

- Do you think SM/JYP/YG will accept an 18 year old?

- If the company thinks I'm a good singer but I don't have the looks however I told them I don't care about plastic surgery and don't mind doing it, will I pass?

- If the company thinks my skin colour is too dark but I told them that i'll take surgery or whatever it is to make it lighter then will they accept me?

I would really appreciate it if someone that's had an experience with the above Korean companies would answer. Like if you know someone that's a trainee or if you are a trainee. If you are then could you list it in your sources, please. Much appreciated. :)

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Thank you for all the answers.

Also, could anyone tell me at what age Park Bom auditioned ro yg? ^^

Update 2:

@Yuri, i've tried talking to my parents but they just think of it as a ridiculous dream.

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    - Do you think SM/JYP/YG will accept an 18 year old?

    i'm pretty sure YG wouldn't. i mean, look at park bom and sandara park. both very talented and in their 20s. :)

    i don't think it would really matter for all 3 companies but from my point of view, i don't think it should matter too much. you're only gonna be 18, after all. :D

    - If the company thinks I'm a good singer but I don't have the looks however I told them I don't care about plastic surgery and don't mind doing it, will I pass?

    the company may not necessarily ask you to do plastic surgery, even though you are willing to yourself. i guess it's an added bonus in some way, depending on which company you're looking at. it just means you'll be more flexible to work with in terms of looks.

    however, that being said, please think deeply about this because the pressure from not only korean fans, but international fans too, is pretty immense. it does get a little anxious when you have plastic surgery rumours surrounding you. all in all though, it's your choice. :)

    - If the company thinks my skin colour is too dark but I told them that i'll take surgery or whatever it is to make it lighter then will they accept me?

    like before, this is just an added advantage in terms of flexibility with what you are and are not willing to do. however, just being willing to have plastic surgery will not necessarily get you into a company. of course looks are important with companies such as SM and JYP, but i think talent would overrule it all. :)

    anyway, if i were to go audition for a company, i'd personally choose YG, purely because their style is more of what i'm looking for and their work ethic seems pretty good and friendly too. (and also cos BB and 2NE1 are there, but that's besides the point here :P)

    of course, other companies are good too, but this is just my opinion. :)

    but look for the company that YOU are most interested in, and make sure their styles fit YOU. don't be disappointed if you don't make it though, cos it is INCREDIBLY hard to get in. remember, they only choose a few people out of the what? thousands? of people who audition. in fact, i admire you for having the courage to even try out. xD even if i had the capabilities or opportunity to become part of any of the companies, i'd probably not be brave enough to step up. :P

    hope i helped and good luck! ^_^

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    The chances of anyone getting in is very slim. Just look at the situation: SME, YG, JYPE, and DSP are, contrary to what some may believe, not filled with trainees. Many of the trainees who ARE there have been so for a while, some ranging back to perhaps 7-10 years, with some dropping out periodically. From this, you can tell that these Korean entertainment companies take in very few trainees - if at all - each year through auditions. Now, compare this to the number of people who DO audition EACH YEAR. The number would range in the thousands. Out of those thousands of auditioners, there are at least a couple who are bound to be very talented, trained dancers, singers, comedians, as well as people with great physical appearances. From a purely statistical standpoint, your chance of getting past the multi-step audition process and becoming a trainee (let alone debuting, which is another crusade in and of itself) is low (take 5% as an EXTREMELY generous baseline figure). Your chances are knocked down - whether some want to admit it or not - by not being Asian, and even more by not being Korean. The only way to increase your chances is by showcasing your skills, which is difficult to do during global auditions where you're given hardly any time to do so. I'd recommend that if you're truly serious in becoming a Korean singer, you find every opportunity to display your skills: participate in singing/dancing contents, competitions, sing at events, put videos of yourself online, etc. That way, you may be scouted - a route which is much easier in leading to become a trainee. Good luck in whatever your choose!

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    1. Do you think SM/JYP/YG will accept an 18 year old?

    >SM/JYP/YG will accept any age, there is no age limit of auditioning so if you are 18 then you can still audition.

    2. If the company thinks I'm a good singer but I don't have the looks however I told them I don't care about plastic surgery and don't mind doing it, will I pass?

    >not necessarily, but it depends cuz for SM looks is the most important to them, but for YG, talent is the most important they dont really care if you dont have the look but amazing talent then they will take you, but for YJP i think they are random they take you wether you have the talent or not or pretty or not lol. but for saying you dont mind having plastic surgery hmmm i dont really know about it soz ^_^

    3. If the company thinks my skin colour is too dark but I told them that i'll take surgery or whatever it is to make it lighter then will they accept me?

    >some companies care about the appearance, but it doesnt mean that when you say to them you dont mind having surgery they will automatically accept you, talent is the most important.

    hope i helped lol :)

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    -SM/JYP/YG will accept 18 year old talents however it has been clear that they look for young talents from 12-15 because they wish to debut them around 16-18 after 2-4 years of training.

    - If you are an AMAZING mind blowing singer, they will most likely accept you. Looks are a huge characteristic they look for in their talents, however I would strongly advice you not to say you would get plastic surgery just to get in because judges really look for people who are confident in their characteristics.

    - Just to note if your taking their overseas auditions they won't point out you flaws, if you have a flaw they will just go to the next person. Judges really look for oriental Asians like Japanese, Chinese, and especially Koreans. I personally wouldn't want to change my skin color just to be accepted by an entertainment company. Don't worry if you don't make it because majority will not pass the first round.

    Good Luck on your future auditions!

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    Anyone here knows if someone did an audition to those companies stated in there mid 20's and succeeded to debut? I heard that JYPE don't have age limit for you to qualify and audition.. but what are the chances to be accepted?

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    1. I think for SM, they kinda take age into consideration. SM believes that as long as you look good and you are young, any talents can be nurtured under their training so it is not a problem. So it is kinda difficult for you to join at 18. You have to keep in mind that you CANNOT tell them you don't mind plastic surgery. That will be mentioned only after you sign the contract. Imagine, who will want people to say I don't mind you stealing right in front of their face. It's like... they do bad things but they don't want it to be brought up by you... They only want you to listen obediently to them.

    For JYP, age also matters I guess... some people have to train for 9 years and if it is you, you will debut at 27 years old... kinda old right? So dont go for JYP but if you work hard and have passion, you may get in... who knows...

    For YG, they don't care abt age as they really look for talents. However, they DON'T care about age at all means they don't care about your debut age ! YG trainees usually traine for very long time as they want every singer to have an unique style...

    But of course there are possibilities... just try to convince your parents first? Try to impress them by singing at home...


    3.When they consider you, they DON'T tell you in the face that you are dark or anything. They only tell you when they talk to you after they accept you so don't talk about it...No offence but I think it's kinda like common sense... you don't tell them ' Oh I can have plastic surgery to lighten my skin so please take me' After all, none of their singers admmit to plastic surgery but everyone know they do... so of course they don't want this. And your tape will be played again and again to be view by different people... You want your idol to see you in the tape saying you don't mind surgery? Sorry maybe it sounds offensive but this is really what happens and it's good for you :)

    Good luck for audition :D

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    6 years ago

    to be honest, I was a not too concerned with education, I just wanted to prove that I could exceed my cousin that my parents proud. I want my parents told me to stop being a cop, I know, I might not be accepted by a large agency in Korea, I always cry every time my father said "you're supposed to be independent and happy parents before your parents died." I tried to like it, but with my choice, I always follow them more than my brother, but about their future goals, I can not define itself? I know I'm a little fat, and not too high, but this great agency can accept me as a trainee ?? I want to be a great rapper like Super Junior's Donghae, Bangtan Suga Boys and others, I want to know it feels a pride in family

    What can I accepted.?

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