Apple's tricker is not APPL, Appell Pete Corp, Do anyone know what company it s?

I accidentally bought APPL thought it is Apple's tricker. Many online news claim it is Apple's tricier, so I bought it wrong. After I bought it, it give me the company name as Apell Pete Corp, I try to do reserch on this company, I found nothing, it is a real stock, but have no histroy of chart and no company profile. If you know what company it is, please let me know. Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    All I've been able to find about it is that its full name is Appell Petroleum Corp. I've never seen this before where you can find the ticker name then everything on it is blank. No news articles, no press releases, nothing. I tried a Google search, Yahoo Search, Wiki search, Money, Forbes, Bloomberg...they all list the name and that's it. Good luck.

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