years ago i was told I had a womb that tilted backwards , I am now 58 and on HRT I have two adult children?

that were born by section, i have now for many years suffered from pressure pain in my abdomen had losts of tests for unrine infections kidney infections etc but always come back clear , had scans on my overies uterus kidneys all ok this pressure pain makes me want t wee and when I have intercouse that also feels painful now this has got worse over the years and now instaed of going years without symtons I seem to get them more often but nobody can seem to help its worse when I lay down when I get up its better the pain is so bad it stops me sleeping and the pain is always in my lower back I avoid relations with partner as it umcomfortable I have a coil fitted and take Hrt patches everel . 50 I have been on HRT for 15 years and always not had any problems with it apart from this awful pain I get from time to time more often now for some reason I am a healthy young looking women could my tillted womb be the problem ,help

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  • 10 years ago
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    This sounds like quite a bit of pain. And your doctors aren't responsive?

    There are lots of possibilities here. You might have chronic cystitis, or adhesions from endometriosis that was never properly diagnosed. Have you had a pelvic ultrasound? Yes, your tilted uterus might be part of the problem. It sounds as if you need a good pelvic workup - and maybe a reevaluation of your current HRT regimen.

    Why do you have a coil? You're not still having periods, are you?

    If your doctors won't spend a little time looking you over and thinking about your pain, find other doctors!

    And - for your own sake - don't completely rule out the idea of a hysterectomy.

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