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Bank of America approved me for an online checking account even though I am on chexsystems?

I owe $862 to my former bank and they put me on chexsystems. I signed up for an online checking account with BOA and they approved my account..did they just make a mistake or am I in the green? Will they make follow up checks to see if they made any mistakes? If everything goes smoothly, I will make sure that I won't fall into debt again..what a golden opportunity!!


They provided me with an account ID and I am still waiting for them to email me the temporary password. I am still in shock...

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    If they are going to close the account, it will be within the next week or so. Lately many on chexsystems have been approved. Please note that if you are reported to EWS, they will close it immediately. Many people reported to chexsystems are also reported to EWS

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