Children in Las Vegas Casinos?

First time in Vegas and through the hotels, the casinos, the streets were parents hauling their kids. Does anyone want to go someplace where adults can be adults without having to watch their mouths. Where the shows don't have to be toned down because there are kids underfoot. I am not against children, I just think that adults need their own place sometimes.

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    1 decade ago
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    I don't know what shows you're referring to that were "toned down." There are plenty of 18+ shows all over Vegas. And just because other shows are "toned down" doesn't mean it's in consideration of children. Some people like Las Vegas but don't need to experience extreme vulgarity.

    I am still going to act like an adult in Vegas. I think parents are relatively aware of what they're taking their kids into, even in the more "family oriented" casinos (like Excalibur)--it's still a casino surrounded by bars, drinks, etc. Granted, I was annoyed at running into kids in Las Vegas but also realize it's a free country (and I used to be one of those kids in Vegas), and I knew I wouldn't encounter them in the bars and clubs at night or in the shows I was going to, so there was give-and-take. When I was a teenager I was still handed pamphlets for hookers and my parents knew that might happen, haha. I understand you might want to behave more appropriately because there are children around, but let the parents decide if the atmosphere is where they want their kids to be instead of censoring yourself.

    Just ignore the kids next time and be an adult. :D

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    1 decade ago

    MR GREEN .. FOR PRESIDENT ... you said it all

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