What music bands would you suggest?

I basically like anything but country (alittle bit of country, but I'd rather stay away from that) I like almost if not all rock, I like any kind of classic (old school rock such as acdc, guns n roses, etc) I also like other kinds going from the beatles to Billy Joel. Also some hard rock too... Like disturbed, 5FDP, etc... Just please put some band names (and some of their songs if you would like), even if you think I might already listen to them, just please put it... Thanks!

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    have you tried foreign metal? just a thought. some foreign bands: rammstein, apocalyptica, dir en grey, stratovarius, children of bodom, burzum



    system of a down


    gogol bordello (song: supertheory of supereverything)

    rise against (songs: swing life away, dancing for rain, paper wings)

    serj tankin

    billy idol (song: dancing with myself)

    bon savants (song: between the moon and the ocean)

    bright eyes (songs: we are nowhere and it's now, at the bottom of everything, perfect sonnet)

    say anything (song: alive with the glory of love)

    brother luuke (ain't it a b***h)

    the doors (people are strange)


    bullet for my valentine

    silverstien (song: if you could see into my soul0

    cage the elephant (song: ain't no rest for the wicked)


    dance gavin dance

    lower definition

    dragonforce (song: heroes of our time)

    dream theater

    psychostick (songs: beer!, this is not a song it's a sandwich)

    evanescence (song: lies)


    owl city

    hollywood undead (song: city)

    i kill pxls (song: priness p)

    imogen heap (song: aha)

    jefferson starship (song: white rabbit)

    sublime (songs: waiting on my ruca, date rape)

    the kooks

    lamb of god

    manian (song: raver's fantasy)

    the mars volta



    smashing pumpkins (disarm, spaceboy)

    sneaker pimps (song: black sheep)

    trans-siberian orchestra (album: night castle)

    vampire weekend

    the who (songs: i'm a boy, baba o' riley)

    within temptation


    Source(s): my zune....i hope this wasn't too much random stuff, but i promise you'll find everything from indie to electronica to norwegian black metal in that list lol :P
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    Led Zeppelin : Dazed and Confused, Black Dog, Kashmire, or anyone of their songs

    The Tragically Hip : Bobcageon, Fifty Mission Cup, Blow at High Dough, New Orleans is Sinking

    Black Sabbath : The first 2 albums

    Them Crooked Vultures : New Fang

    Rush : Closer To The Heart, Tom Sawyer, Working Man

    Cage The Elephant : Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

    Eric Clapton : (Everything in his catalog)

    Billy Talent : Rusted By The Rain

    Source(s): Just a music lover.
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    Modest Mouse

    The Killers

    Mute Math

    Rolling Stones

    The Eagles

    Steve Miller Band

    The Police

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    Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Chris De Burgh, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Queen (Based on that you like Billy Joel)

    As for Disturbed, I'd suggest Mudvayne, Alice In Chains, Avenged Sevenfold, The Misfits, Armchair Cynics, I Mother Earth and Them Crooked Vultures. Just to name a few.

    Also, doesn't match any of your stuff, but check out Smashing Pumpkins, just because they rock.

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    Listen to this grungy 90s song/band list: (start off with the greatest hits)

    Nirvana- Come as you are, In Bloom, You Know You're Right, Rape Me, Smells Like Teen Spirit,Lithium, Heart-Shaped Box, Penny-royal Tea.

    Alice in Chains- Man in the Box, Rooster, Would, Them Bones, Down in a Hole, Angry Chair

    Pearl Jam- Alive, Jeremy, Even Flow, Go, Animal

    Soundgarden- Black Hole Sun, Spoonman, Outshined, Rusty Cage, Jesus Christ Pose, Hands all Over

    Mudhoney- Touch Me I'm Sick, Suck you Dry, You Got It (Keep it outta my face), Need, Mudride

    Well those are my personal favorites and these are their most famous hits, some of which you will most likely recognize. Hope this helps, enjoy

    Source(s): My Love for the early 90s Grunge wave of music!
  • Motley Crue

    Bob Seger

    Alice In Chains





    Billy Idol

    The Who


    Great White

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    The Killers

    Rolling Stones :)

    Source(s): MEEE XD
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    guns and roses, slipknot,ramones,the clash, led zeppelin, Insane Clown Posse,aerosmith, AC/DC,three days grace,beastie boys, serj tankian, system of a down, fall of troy, beatles,alien ant farm, black sabbath, disturbed, mettalica,papa roach, the cranberries, drowning pool, fallout boy,bon jovi,breaking benjamin, buckethead,journey,greenday,iron maiden, iron butterfly, jimi hendrix,rammstein,poison, quiet riot, queens of the stone age, dead kennedys, rolling stones, santana, nickleback, scorpions,motley crue, slayer, smashing pumpkins, white zombie,twisted sister,the who, zz top, warrant,rage against the machine nirvanna,my chemial romance, def leopard, cheap trick, marilyn manson, joan jett, judas priest,the killers,lifehouse,motorhead, muse,all american rejects, livng colour, ozzy osborne, one republc,priestess, the police,sex pistols, foghat, red rider,red jumpsuit aparatus, bloodhound gang, hollywood undead, 30 seconds to mars, the darkness, alice in chains, alice cooper, skillet, tool, seether, hellogoodbye, micael jackson, eminem, sound garden, whitesnake, the who, zz top, cypress hill, shaggy, twiztid, skid row,the sleeping, snow patrol,my chemical romance, megadeth,lynard skynard,KoRn,jimmy eats world,gorillaz, full blown rose,greenday,grand funk railroad,faith no more,finger eleven,creed, billy idol, billy squir..... i sure hope i didnt forget anyone, that about sums up half my ipod.. :) check em out

    Source(s): my ipod
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    nowone under 17 lol

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    nirvana <---------- AWESOME

    foo fighters


    white stripes (and most anything else with jack white)

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