Albert Haynesworth was offered for mcnabb ..lmao...?

redskins hate that guy dont they ? lol..wat a waste of 100 thing eagles didnt say yes ....whew....GO eagles ..GO MCNABB ..GO KOLB....GO VICK SO WE CAN TRADE U FOR PICKS ..btw we dont like u vick !....

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    Haynesworth runs his mouth too much and doesn't fit a 3-4 scheme. He is too big to play defensive end in a 3-4 scheme since they are sometimes asked to drop into coverage and he is refusing to play nose tackle. I really think that he is too big for that position also. 3-4 schemes are dictated by the play of the linebackers. Washington is sorely lacking in this category. Sure they have Fletcher, McIntosh, and Orakpo, but after that the talent level drops off. In the 3-4, Haynesworth will not be able to get nearly the penetration he did in the 4-3 and really, wouldn't be worth the money he is being paid for.

    Also, this is clearly Shanahan sending a message that no one is safe and he will mold this team and get them moving in the right direction in a matter of 1-2 years, not the traditional 3-4 years it usually takes new coaches to over haul teams. If he can pull off the Haynesworth deal, then guys like Portis will have no choice but to take notice and fall in line. Maybe then the mouths will stop running in Washington and the players will play.

    As for your assertion of the 100 million being wasted, last season no one doubted Haynesworth would get that kind of money. The question was the guaranteed money. Washington edged out a few other teams in that category. Tampa Bay was prepared to offer him that amount and Tennessee came close.

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    Albert Haynesworth may just be the JaMarcus Russell of defensive tackles.

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  • Lol at the Redskins salary dumping all of a sudden.

    Also, lol that you spelled "legend" wrong.

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    stfu TROll....stop creating havoc and go back to sleep ....if u have a sensible question to ask, please do so ...

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