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My ankle still hurts!?!?

ok so its been a weak since i hurt my ankle.If you did not see my other k so i jumped off the playground at school at about an 3~4 ledge and landed on my ankle hurt so bad and i went to the nurse and she was like you'll be fine blah blah blah and my ankle hurt so bad its been a weak and it still hurts and even if i touch my ankle with a piece of string it hurts but when i hurt it it never got swollen and i have proof i hurt it heyheyhey3000 will probably answer and say yeah she did i saw her

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    yep its true she did we are in the same class and at recuss she jumped off a 2 feet step and fell on her ankle! im not kidding plus i had to help her go to the nurse and stuff like that well ill get in touch with you later bye!

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    You should go to the doctor. You could have lightly sprained it or tore some ligamnts in it. But for the most part you want to rest your ankle as much as possible. RICE-rest, ice, compression, and elevation-is what you should do.

    Source(s): did similar to my ankle before.
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