What useless things does the US federal government spend money on or should spend more on?

What useless things does the US federal government spend money on?


What should the federal government spend more money on?

try to keep it not too specific though, like gun control or abortion.

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    The Iraq war was not only foolish, but also ILLEGAL, and this illegal war has cost us BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars in BORROWED money, but has also cost hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis their lives, and nearly 5000 of our troops there lives...so one obvious answer is wars of choice should not be funded. The no-bid contracts given out like after-dinner mints to VP Cheney's company Halliburton, and its subsidiary KBR, et al., was NOT money well-spent---especially after several of our soldiers got electrocuted taking a shower. NASA funding should be curtailed until we make our way out of this financial crisis.

    More money was needed for the Veterans Administration Medical Care facilities around the country under Bush/Cheney (remember the poor conditions of Walter Reed?), and more is also needed for our public schools. Both of these are in the works (the VA Medical Care facilities received several billion at the beginning of the Obama/Biden presidency, as did our school system state by state).

    Over the summer last year, money from the Recovery and Reinvestment Act was used to renovate school buildings; to repair roads, bridges, tunnels, and highways systems; extend unemployment benefits to displaced workers; add to the Pell Grant amounts for college students, and other important initiatives. Infrastructure is receiving an influx of cash to make needed repairs---a plus for this nation's struggling economy as well as for the areas that need work done.

    To raise revenues and cut the costs associated with illegal immigration, I'd suggest billing the countries of origin's government, but also fine the corporate leaders who hire the illegal to enforce the law. If these revenues were raised, this would CUT our own spending on any illegal immigrants and would also encourage their home government to do right by their own people so they are no longer inclined to sneak across our borders hoping for some handouts.

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    They spend too much on foreign aid, medicaid, social security, medicare, and nearly every Department in the federal government and all that they handle (i.e. Dept. of Energy, HUD, Education, Commerce, Labor, HHS, etc.). Damn near every one of those departments are useless and a waste of money, on top of them infringing upon states' rights defined in the 10th amendment.

    The federal government should be shrunk by about 70% back to its constitutional size. Their expenses should focus primarily on immigration, foreign relations, and security and defense of the nation.

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    i need to be somewhat at the back of the cases right here, yet from what I comprehend, in assessment to the Bush STIMULUS money which became into the kind you defined, Obama's relies around giving money to the states to pay for infrastructure classes, subsequently coming up jobs, getting the money into American wallet and, in assessment to the Bush version, certainly getting something for it. that is going to likely be approximately roads and bridges and potential and coming up the jobs it takes to construct them, besides, i could assume, because of the fact the peripheral industries that generate and grant the ingredients to make those initiatives ensue. that is genuine, we could desire to grant better half and young infants production a important shot interior the arm, yet that's no longer what the stimulus is approximately. Like I mentioned, i'm somewhat at the back of the loop, yet that's what it became into approximately a minimum of till at the instant.

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    Social studies classes for tea partiers. That is as clear an example of past governmental incompetence as I can find. We have to spend more on this and spend it more effectively.

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    useless things

    marines and army, only need navy and national guard

    Not enough money is spent on

    infrastructure updates - bridges, roads, power gird and water.

    regulating agency's.

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    They spend entirely too much on Social Security programs (welfare, old age pension, ADC, etc.)

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