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Does anyone have International Student Volunteer (Costa Rica) experiences and advice?

I am going to Costa Rica with ISV this summer and I'd love to hear about experiences anyone has had and any advice they would like to give to better prepare me for my trip! Thanks!

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    Ya, i actually traveled through ISV to Costa Rica in 2008. I travel a lot as it is and Costa Rica is my new favorite country. I'm sure you've seen pictures but it is beautiful and filled with wildlife.

    I did 1 week Spanish lesson, 2 week volunteer work and 2 week adventure tour. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about Costa Rica. I think what i liked most about it was feeling like i was living there, not just visiting.

    I can give you a couple of really useful tips i should have listened to when i went.

    1. Bring lots and lots of bug spray. I brought a new bottle and ran out within the 2nd week. My project involved staying in the jungle working with birds. Every night there were thousands of bugs.

    2. Don't worry about buying a mosquito net. It takes up too much space in your luggage.Plus most hotels and projects will provide a net

    3. You'll have plenty of chances to take a shower. In the jungle it's fresh water but in the city, like Heredia or San Juan, if you want hot water you have to turn the water to the lowest pressure. Its not much water but if you want it warm that's what you'll have to do.

    4. Bring a flashlight

    5. There are thousands of bugs but just ignore them and it really won't bother you after like the 4th day.

    6. Bring lots of memory card space. Costa Rica is so beautiful and you'll see lots of exotic animals it's amazing.

    If you have the funds for the spanish lesson i highly recommend that. I think the spanish lesson was my favorite part. The school you'll go to is very convenient and they host events every night you don't have to pay for such as dance classes, cooking classes, and going to different clubs.

    I think i've rambled on long enough. Hope this gives you a good idea of the country and what to expect. Oh and one more thing, the people there were all supper nice, friendly, and helpful!

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    properly it could make you experience such as you're decrease back homestead, they have some fairly risky creratures there. snakes fer-de-lance,bushmaster,eye lash vipers,various species of black widows,poison dart frogs,clia clias, which the widespread snack is the fer de lance,crocs,caimens,yet they dont have the fairway anaconda a minimum of,they have some smaller variations with an identical nasty techniques-set nevertheless,then there is the lovable little vampire bats,and dragon flies which will combat you over the espresso pot interior the mornings. yet truly costa rica is extremely tremendously, friendly to a pair quantity,theft is taken with no attention and you will possibly be able to besides anticipate it first threat somebody gets. relies upon on the place you're going additionally port limon, has a some distance better inhabitants of mestizo indians and african good human beings,different areas are indiginous tribes interior the better portion of the atlantic coast.the pacific coast in play land for the main section,purely pay attention everywhere off of costa rica is shark territory additionally. huge bull sharks to overly super hammerheads to makos to the super white.

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    A friend of mine is now in Costa Rica, she really took off with very little preparation. She started working in a hostel in Tamarindo which is right on the beach. She told me the people are really friendly and very laid back. The nature is beautiful and in Tamarindo the beaches great. I'll send you a link to a blog with more informaztoin and photos!


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