Wheat and Tares: what are they exactly?

Growing together in the church!
Update: LOL PSALM 22:22 Thanks for your honesty! God bless you :))
Update 2: Serendipidy, TY :) i forgot about them growing together - TY for that..
Update 3: Serendididy, You said 'THEY LOOK THE SAME AS THEIR GROWING' -- I forgot about that - TY :-))
Update 4: Johnathan, as bad as that!?
Do you mean they engraciate themselves among the believers?
TY :)
Update 5: TY Sergei - God bless you :)
Update 6: Truth, thank you ~ ''when they were asleep'' :))
Update 7: GARY DON'T XX
Update 8: Gary, oops wrong question :))
Update 9: Thanks everyone who took time to answer, much appreciated.
So many good answers i can't choose, so i'm putting it to a vote.
God be with you on your incredible journey :)))
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