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Why hasnt McConnell been putting his face or voice out in the public eyes lately, is he hiding?

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  • Deb M
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    10 years ago
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    This was his last interview:

    "I think if they look at the last 15 months," said McConnell, "they see the government running banks, insurance companies, car companies, nationalizing the student loan business which is gonna cost 31,000 private sector jobs, the health care takeover that we just discussed, doubling the national debt in 5 years, tripling it in 10. I think there's gonna be a severe reaction to all of this excessive spending and taxing in government."

    Based on this garbage...he should go into hiding. I cannot believe this:

    nationalizing the student loan business which is gonna cost 31,000 private sector jobs...did that moron bump his head? Student loans are a seasonal effort at best...Ending the subsidization program would save the government $87 billion over ten years. The Act ensures that interest rates on student loans remain affordable. Additionally, the legislation increases the maximum Pell Grant, a need-based grant designed for lower-income students, from $5,350 in 2009 to $5,550 in 2010 and $6,900 in 2019. Why should the students augment the 31,000 jobs?

    Let's see...Top Contributors are No. 1 is smokeless tobacco...2, wine and spirits..3, Kindred Healthcare 4, Elliott Management (Hedge Funds) 5, UBS AG (Interesting The IRS is trying to serve a summons on Swiss bank UBS AG seeking information on U.S. taxpayers who may have used the bank to gin up records to avoid billions in taxes on offshore investments.) 6, Humana Inc (Health insurance plans and related healthcare benefits for Medicare, individual or group health insurance.) 7. Ashland Inc (chemical company...no wonder McConnell does not want health care...no evidence to track back to) ....FMR Corp (banking, insurance, retirement services...how is he earning his contributions) .... Griffin Industries (a rendering company????) And Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

    This man is getting paid BIG time by insurance companies...the health care industry...banks, and MOST Interesting UBS AG...I bet McConnell comes out against Obama for collecting taxes from Offshore accounts.

    What a piece of garbage....Why do the people in Kentucky tolerates this man...he is filth!

    And this is the top industries:

    Lawyers/Law Firms

    Securities & Investment

    Health Professionals



    Real Estate


    Oil & Gas


    Commercial Banks



    General Contractors

    Misc Manufacturing & Distributing

    Hospitals/Nursing Homes

    Pharmaceuticals/Health Products

    Misc Business

    Misc Finance

    Crop Production & Basic Processing

    Leadership PACs

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  • 3 years ago

    that's a perplexing one, because of the fact in case you ban such outfits then unavoidably the individuals who positioned on them will sense that they are being discriminated against. you're denying them the liberty to stick to their cultural and non secular ideals and convey themselves. on the different hand, given the present protection point, such outfits could of course be the suited cover for could-be terrorists and make it very perplexing to capture them. it is likewise discriminating to deaf and perplexing of listening to people - how are they meant to lip examine this sort of guy or woman? together as there must be appreciate for different individuals's cultures, in case you reside in yet another united states of america then you ought to stick to their regulations without exception. Outlawing particular outfits could be a splash severe, yet whilst that's introduced into potential then it may be obeyed.

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  • Tootoy
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    10 years ago

    I think he faded away for good. He looked faded everytime he appeared on t.v. to lash out at the Dems.

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  • .

    Frankly, he SHOULD be sparing us the sight of his dour visage.

    He reminds me of a leatherneck: no, NOT a Marine... a TURTLE!!! He's retracted his freaky face for the time being, and that's all to the good. he's scary.

    Dumb, too.

    And obsessively scared.


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