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did anyone feel the earthquake?

where did the earthquake hit and when? I heard it hit 6.9.

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    The earthquake was first FELT by me as I was getting off my bed. I immediately sat bck down since walking with the house rolling was out of the question, and I told Xanth, my dog, to stay where he was.

    My first thought was to go to to see if the quake was logged at the USGS and within seconds it was already on the website. It showed it as a 6.9 on the USGS but the local news said it was a 7.2. Either way it was NOT to be ignored.

    I live just north of Palm Springs, CA and the quake was felt all over this area, all over Los Angeles, the biggest quake in SoCal since the LA Earthquake when I was in college in 1970. The Sylmar quake was about that size, maybe a bit smaller.

    So ... did YOU feel the quake? That would mean you are in SoCal. Perhaps you are closer to me than I suspected.

    My dog and I had a quake party and we BBQ'd some ribs in honor of the quake. The News claimed that we will be feeling some aftershocks. Sounds like fun as long as it doesn't trigger "The BIG One". I live atop FIVE Quake Faults and I'm trying to keep things calm around here!!

    So, did YOU feel it too?

    I AM


    Source(s): Just go to the main page and go to the top, click on Earthquake alerts and then click on the top link on the follow-up page. Scan down the new page and you will find the latest quakes to hit the Earth.
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    We felt it in Palm Desert but it was just kind of rolling. It did last a little longer than we're used to-but it got everyone's attention. The 6.9 was in Mexico but they said there had been little ones all day of varying degrees from 3.2 to the 6.9. I've been getting call from relatives all over California. You'd think we'd be used to them by now.

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    I live in Michigan, I've never felt an earthquake in my life, nor any natural disaster :(

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    I heard it was a ground-breaking moment in San Diego history?

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    Yahoo Fail

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    I felt it, a lot of aftershocks! It was actually intense.. All my life born & raised, I've never felt this before..

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    Baja,Ca 03.40

  • it was somwhere in california. or lke in the baja california part in mexico

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    no, i;m in SF. only heard about it

    6.9 in baja cali

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