Is Shakeology FDA approved?

If it has not been assessed yet, can anyone tell me if any of the ingredients in shakeology are not FDA approved, and if possible provide me with an ingredients list?

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  • Alyce
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    1 decade ago
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    FDA only approves things that are making medical claims. They are not claiming anything that can't be proved - but are fooling you into believe that it will cause you to lose weight because they have "testimonials" on their site. It isn't illegal for someone else to make false claims of effectiveness, only if the company themselves do it.

    The only weight loss that will result from this product is from you eating less calories in total each day, than what you burn off. IT is, in fact, just another meal replacement shake...there is nothing magical, there is no scientific breakthrough - there is nothing new to it.

    Stop falling for such scams and wasting a lot of money. Find a well balanced, calorie reduced diet - stick to it and get some activity. You will lose weight if you do.

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