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(Girls),ever have one of those days?

....where you wish you were a guy?No,i don't mean because they don't get periods or whatever,but just something else.Because today,i was at my mosque's sunday school,and all the skin-tight clothes hijabis were just sitting around gossiping and talking about makeup or guys or whatever,and i turn around,and i see the guys playing basketball and playing around and whatever...I would much rather go and play basketball than sit around and talk about guys (i think that's the only thing teenage girls ever talk about.."oh,he's cute","Oh,he's hot" nananananaaaaaaaa)

Anyway,and guys are always good buddies with each other,and they always joke around with each other...like they're punching them for fun and saying funny things....the girls at my mosque backstab and gossip about each other...i know it's haraam to act like the opposite gender,and even talk to the opposite gender...but it seems they have more fun,when the girls are just getting ready to be in full-flirt mode with the guys...idk why i am saying all of this...

but really,all girls ever do is shop and put on makeup,all to try to impress guys.And im not just saying that,i actually ASKED one of the girls at my mosque why they go through all this trouble,and they actually say that...and if you even try talking to them about sports,they'll freak...

while guys may be crazy about girls,it's not the ONLY thing they're crazy about,for girls,guys are their only worry (which goes under worrying about hair clothes makeup,etc),but they are sports freaks too...

this sounds really weird...i mean,of all my rants..but yeah,the girls at my masjid just worry about guys so they can flirt with them,when i'd rather be playing street basketball...


btw,ALL the girls are guy crazy...im not kidding..ALL the Muslim girls are crazy about guys and makeup...and my mom won't let me join a basketball team or do any sports because im a girl...she's going to let my brothers do however many sports they want,but me...none

so im screwed...

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    I know what you mean but trust me ALL girls are not like that (although that's what it seems like sometimes). Those girls at your mosque are just not the right group of friends for you I could understand why.

    In my opinion covering yourself with makeup its such a pointless waste of time basketball is much more fun. i do love shopping though.

    i dont mind makeup though only when theres too much of it

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    Wow literally you could pass for my twin b/c you're just like me. I went to my mosque for like 3-4 years (17 now) and well the girls there were the exact same way (not saying I don't love talking about makeup and shopping b/c I do but it's not life haha). They even had cliques lol. Im like WTH? Grow up. They asked me to be in their group. I was like ya right. I don't like gossiping. I used to hang out with the guys as in play bball with them, volleyball, soccer, etc, which made it worse b/c all the guys liked me and they were jealous (they told me) that none of the guys were paying attention to them. Ya they were boy crazy and me I don't think about guys 24/7 b/c I think about my goals instead (ya fun right??) It does annoy me a lot especially b/c everyone used to criticize me for not being a muhajiba (I wore hijab at the masjid), yet they would go around wearing their skinny jeans and stuff lol. How does that work??? Whatever to each his own. I don't go there anymore b/c that place made me hate going to the masjid astaghfurrallah.

    My parents let me play bball though and a bunch of other sports except for soccer b/c it's a boys sport.

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    Hmmm... Your story is very strange to me because in my community it is the opposite. The Muslim girls here are so physical, they played basketball, tennis, cricket, softball, soccer, netball even rugby. My school even had a girls rugby team. They loved sports, they played it and watched and their parents were perfectly ok with it. And everyone supported the local football team, it was like a second religion, when the team came to sign stuff all the girls lined up. One of the girls a hijabis was so into sport she's studying to be a physical ed teacher, though her dream is to be a referee for a rugby game. Maybe you're just hanging out in the wrong community?

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    lol, bias much!~ :P Not ALL muslim girls are guy crazy, and Not ALL girls in general are guy crazy as well. If you don't like just talking about guys then why don't you surround yourself with people who are more like you and less like "them". And wanting to joke around, not gossip, and play sports are NOT trying to act like the other gender. Many reasons wny females would want to be males (other than period, pregnancy, and other physical stuff) is because females are still suppressed and are forced to be something they don't want to be, and males are free to do what they want, when they want. If you like sports and your mother or father won't let you then I advise you to explain to your parents why you want to play and that you can still play and do it islamically (like wear proper clothing) and you know where are other sports out there than basketball or soccer.

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    I feel the exact same way! But subhanAllah, I started considering these type of people I have to deal with and my true and only friend to be Allah (SWT), The One Who I can tell my trouble to without being gossip, The One Who protects me from the evil of His creation, The All-Powerful, The All-Wise.

    What I try to do is that when these girls start gossiping I let them know by saying "you know you're gossiping right? and it's really not going to make you feel better by making fun of someone else." And if they still don't stop, just walk away.

    Allah knows best.

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    See this is why I don't go to the mosque. Muslim women just use it as a social gathering place to gossip. I have nothing in common with girls at all, which is why I never talk to them. But no I don't wish I was a boy.

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    Salaam sis,

    yeah i guess..i've thought it too..but trust me from what I've heard...teen guys are worse :|..but at the end of the day everyone should be thankful and everything happens for a reason right? Oii..im one girl whos not mad about make-up (dont wear any :)) or guys..haha..want to be friends? ;)

    Just say astaghfurallah and alhamdulilah for not being one of those girls..

    Your mum should allow you to do sport esp if its only girls :)

    You'll pass this phase and find other muslimahs around that aren't like those girls..theres a reason why the proportion of females in hell is higher..gossip and showing off beauty..

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    10 years ago

    Well maybe you need some new friends and need to hang out with girls who you have more in common with. My friends don't talk about boys or put on make-up. We pretty much act crazy together and have fun. If you want to play basketball, join a girls basketball team.

    Women rule!

  • 4 years ago

    lol i do it on a daily.... i generally eat a big meal for dinner, then snack all day, but now i work across the street from a buffet, and i have an hour for lunch!!!! i am ALWAYS eatin there for lunch, i get take out of course, and go home and eat, but still, i fill my box up and eat till im full..... lol i used to work at that place too...

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    Lool yess

    yoo all the way

    wallahi if it wasnt haram id get a translpant :P (joke)

    but i wishhh i was just a guy,

    soo simple everything...

    and especially if your brown everything is unfair,....

    you cant go out you cant do this you cant do that just because yur a girl.

    -sighh :(

    but remember parents who have alot of girl is a blessing because allah loves girls.

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