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lots o' name questions?

1 ten fav celeb names

2 five fav celeb baby names

3 five least fav boy names

4 five fav girl names

5 five fav girl names

6 five ugly boy names

7 five ugly girl names

Have fun :D:D

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    - Heath (Ledger), River (Pheonix), Jared (Leto) Samuel ( L. Jackson), Liev ( Schrieber ).

    Jodie (Foster) Zooey (Deshanchel) Nora (Jones) Ruby ( Larocca ) Romy ( Schneider )

    - Piper Maru ( Gillian Anderson's daughter), Elijah Blue ( Cher's son ), Emerson Rose ( Teri Hatcher's daughter ), Sistine Rose ( Sylvester Stallone's daughter)

    - Robert, Chance, Henry, Thomas, Nicholas.

    - Madeline, Harper, Olivia, Mikah, Taryn.

    - Already did five favorite girl's names.

    - Darryl, Harry, Mac, Drew, Dan.

    - Heather, Melissa, Jen, Marie, Sandy.

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    1. Reese, Adam, Will, Kate, Nicolas, Julia, Audrey, Faith, Ashton, Victoria

    2. Violet, Suri, Lucia, Scarlet, Max

    3. Fred, Henry, Atticus, Edward, Theodore

    4. Avery Kate, Mia Rose, Elizabeth Claire, Ella Grace, Natalie Paige

    5. see number 4

    6. see number 3

    7. Gertrude, Beatrice, Georgia, Penelope, Hazel

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    Wowzaz. Looks fun!

    1.) Joel, Benjamin, (from Good Charlotte), Jenson (Button, F1 driver), Russell (Tovey - actor and Howard - comedian), Ramona (Marquez, from Outnumbered), Aidan (Turner, from Being Human), Daisy (Lowe), Ophelia (Lovibond), Joanne (Rowling) and Auden (after the author).

    2.) Joel, Benjamin, Russell, Aidan and Harley (Davidson, hehe)

    3.) Jayden, Wyatt, Riley, Ryan and Graham.

    4.) Ramona, Ophelia, Leah, Bethany and Freya

    5.) Least fave, do you mean? Mackenzie, Michaela, Brianna, Madison and Courtney.

    6.) Jayden, Wyatt, Riley, Ryan and Graham.

    7.) Mackenzie, Michaela, Brianna, Madison and Courtney.

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    1. Bradley (Cooper), Katherine (Heigl), Keira (Knightley), Naomi (Watts), Samuel (Worthington),

    Brooke (Shields), Angelina (Jolie), Victoria (Beckham), Charles (Sheen), Thomas (Brady

    2. Suri (Cruise), Vivienne Marcheline (Jolie-Pitt), Violet Anne (Affleck), Kingston James McGregor

    (Rossdale), Harlow Winter Kate (Madden)

    3. Dylan, Harry, Philip, Steven, Raymond

    4. Charlotte, Margaret, Katherine, Savanna, Amelia

    5. Ugly boys names - same as least favorite.

    6. Shannon, Cassidy, Michelle, Theresa, Fiona

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