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credit union personal loans?

I am trying to get a personal loan from the navy federal credit union. Has anyone ever gotten a loan from them before? If so, do you know what credit report they may pull or do they pull all 3 of them?

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    Your stand is good. But I prefer having some options before selecting this vendor. Why don't you try online loan companies. There are many such companies who are ready to give loan for people like you. One of my friend got a loan from online company with damn cheap interest rate. I recommended you try this before getting into a conclusion.

    I hope will help you in getting a bad credit online personal loan.

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    I actually just went through this process a month ago... I went through both... And the credit union offered me a smaller amount then the mortgage broker with both being the same interest rate... Your best bet would to just go to both! See which one gives you a better deal.. My mortgage broker got my a credit to use for closing cost but the credit union didn't.

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