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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 1 decade ago

Roman Catholic beliefs vs Protestant beliefs?

I know catholics believe Mary was born without original sin and in communion the bread and wine actually turn into Jesus' nody..but anything else...i looked it up but it was difficult to understand

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    In part it's confusing because there are a lot of different Protestant denominations, each with slightly different beliefs. That makes it hard to say "Protestants believe such-and-such" because some Protestants may believe that, while others don't. Bearing that in mind, we can make some generalizations.

    Catholics and Protestants are both Christians. Both worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Neither worship the pope, Mary, or any of the other saints. Both believe in the necessity of Christ’s death in order to attain salvation. There are also some differences, however. Here are the main ones:

    1. Saints. Catholics will pray to saints (people they believe have died and gone to heaven), asking them to intercede on their behalf. Protestants don't do this, and don't really have saints in the same way.

    2. Structure. Catholicism has a hierarchical structure with the pope at the top, then cardinals, bishops, priests, deacons, other religious, and laypeople. This is not to say Catholics follow the pope mindlessly or above God, just that he acts as a father and a guide for the Church. Protestants do not have this structure, but rely on small self-governing communities.

    3. The Bible. Protestant Bibles have 7 fewer books than Catholic Bibles Also, Protestants believe that God's will is solely expressed for us in the Bible. Catholics believe it is in the Bible and in sacred Tradition passed on from the Apostles.

    4. Priests. Catholics have a celibate, male priesthood wherein one of a priest's duties is to hear confession. Depending on the denomination, Protestant ministers may be married or female. Protestants do not believe in confessing to a minister.

    5. The Eucharist. Catholics believe that the Eucharist is the essence of Christ, present with them (though not physical flesh and blood). They worship Christ in and through the Eucharist. Protestants (generally) believe the Eucharist is bread, symbolic of Christ, but not actually Christ.

    6. Salvation. Generally, Protestants believe that salvation can only come from accepting Christ as your savior. Essentially, no matter how good a person is on their own, because they're not perfect, they wouldn't be able to make it to heaven if it weren't for Christ's sacrifice. Catholics believe this is true, but that you also have to 'walk the walk, not just talk the talk.' Salvation is based on the acceptance of Christ as savior combined with good works.

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    The Catholic Church has been around for almost 2,000 years. We are full of both sinners and saints.

    The Protestants have a bunch of strange and simplistic beliefs like Pastor (?) Dave ALWAYS mentions but in fact none of them can agree on anything precise. Many of their practices come from simply living in a free enterprise system and making a quick buck pitched with a quick salvation.

    Do not swallow any of that including the personal Savior bit as it is simply not what Jeses asked us to do for the road to travel is long and narrow and will be difficult. If it was so simplistic Jesus would have said so and would not have given us such beautiful parables as the Good Samaritan and many others.

    Follow the two great commandments, keep away from money hungry false preachers and bible thumpers, help the poor, and keep the two greatest commandments and you will be OK.

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