i had cancer but i just can't talk about it?

i have been a survivor for almost 3 years now. all my high school friends knew but no one in college knows about it. relay for life is coming up and i signed up for the survivor lap. but none of my friends know about the whole cancer thing and i don't know how to tell them. it doesn't really come up in conversation and i don't want to just be like hey guess what? i had cancer. help?


i'm afraid of the awkwardness...

Update 2:

i don't feel proud of it at all. i feel like i should hide it. and idk why. i wish i could be like my other survivor friends and just tell people or post stuff about it on facebook..

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    Talking about things like cancer, is easier for some people than others. I think it's all in how we were raised. My folks kept no secrets from each other or my sisters and I. Mom told me once that secrets can hurt people twice as much as honesty ever will. Best way is tell it flat out. I'd say something like this.

    " I am doing the survivor's lap at the Relay for Life because I had xxx cancer three years ago. I just want people to know that they are not fighting a hopeless battle." Once your friends have had time to adjust you can ask them to form a relay team with you and raise funds to help fight cancer.

    One other thing. Being a survivor is nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud. You fought the ugly beast and won. Some people are not so lucky.

    Source(s): Ten years a breast cancer survivor.
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    As a survivor you should feel victorious. Thinking about others who are not so lucky should humble you. Good you've signed up for the survivor lap. Your peers seeing you there may ask the questions but even if they don't consider how many people may benefit from your tips for survival. If you can't talk directly to people you can tell your story in writing. Send your write-up to media taking such. I bet someone will be encouraged by your story.

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    I don't get it. Awkwardness??, Come one, When my Oncologist told me I was a survivor, I wanted to shout it from the roof top. You should be like that too. Gee, you beat the most horrible disease. Tell everyone, "I'M A SURVIVOR AND PROUD OF IT" You said you don't feel proud of it. How can you not? I don't get it. It's a new chance at life. You can help others who feel hopeless. You can do a lot of good by sharing your struggle and when others see how happy you are now. Come on, Share, pass on.

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    You can just casually bring it up when you go on the survivor lap. Are any of your friends going with you? I also had cancer when I was in high school, and now I'm in college most of my college friends dont' know about it. I say bring it up, only if the topic comes up. BTW, there's gonna be awkwardness when it's said.

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    When they see you wearing your Survivor Shirt, The conversation will come up. Don't hide it, it's nothing new. You should be proud you are a survivor! That IS Something to be proud of.

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    dont be afraid to tell people. youre a SURVIVOR! be proud of that! tell people your story. inspire them. help them to understand. start by maybe sitting a few of your friends down and saying "hey, i have been wanting to ask you if maybe you would be interested in supporting me for relay for life. youve probably heard of it before. but if you'd be willing,id really like it if you'd be there for me. you see...i survived ___ cancer ______ ago... "

    hope this helps! remember, you were a fighter, but more importantly youre a winner! knock 'em out.

    Source(s): my mom, friend, and grandpa had cancer
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    just invite them all out for lunch or coffee and at some point just tell them that the reason you brought them all out today is because you need to share something, then tell your story.

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