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Fantasy Baseball Projections?

What kind of stats do you think Jason Heyward, Kyle Blanks, Fransico Liriano, and Andrew McCutchen will put up?

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    Heyward: .290 avg, .380 obp, 75 runs, 20 homers, 90 RBI's, 10 stolen bases. In my opinion, this guy isn't going to be hitting 30+ homers this season. He's only had 29 homers total in the minor leagues in about 875 at-bats.

    Blanks: .270 avg, .370 obp, 70 runs, 25 homers, 70 RBI's, 5 stolen bases. He's going to hit a good amount of home runs (10 homers in 150 at bats last year), but probably won't drive in many runs because of the lineup he plays in.

    McCutchen: .285 avg, .350 obp, 80 runs, 20 homers, 75 RBI's, 30 stolen bases. He'll be a great option for speed and power.

    Liriano: 15 W, 12 L, 4.20 ERA, 175 IP, 150 K, 50 BB. He'll rebound a bit, but probably won't be as dominant as he was in 2006.

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    I think McCutchen will outperform Blanks and Heyward. My predictions:

    Heyward: .282avg. 23HR 80RBI 75Runs 11Steals

    Blanks: .271avg 24HR 65RBI 55Runs 2Steals

    McCutchen: .305 26HR 65RBI 90Runs 35Steals

    Liriano: 12Wins 3.75ERA 1.35WHIP 180Innings 165Ks (If all goes well)

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    i think heyward can hit 30 plus homers

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