help from any Zelda fans?

I want to have a Zelda back round on my fish tank. I think I figured out what scene I want. The only thing is that I have no way of getting the screen shot. I have an old TV and just a run of the mill camera. I want a picture of the front of the lakebed temeple from Twilight. I tried staning in front of it and taking a pic but it is not coming out good. If anyone out there can either take this pic or find it on the internet that would be awsome of you. I also need a pictrue of Link in the zora suit


The outside entrance.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Well- If you find a video on youtube of the lakebed temple and Press the Prt scr button on your keyboard, Then go into paint and paste it, The picture of the screen will come up! You can crop out the picture you want and there you go! That might help you though

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