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If I start COLLEGE will it mess up my Alabama Unemployment benefits?

I start college on Monday and I am drawing unemployment. I get pell grant BUT IT pays for hardly anything!!! I was wondering if they will take my unemployment away when I start. I called the Alabama unemployment office and I have yet to get a clear answer. I have also looked at about every website online and nothing answers my question. I am afraid my unemployment will get taken away and I really need my money. I am not sure what to do! Please someone help. I am looking for a job everyday so please don't comment that I need to just get a job! TRUST ME im trying! Some one please help!

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    I'm not certain why you couldn't find this information as it's in the Unemployment handbook, but here goes:

    8. If you attend GED classes, a college, or a vocational school, you may be able to draw benefits as long as you make yourself fully available for any suitable work, even if it means changing the hours of your classes or quitting school.

    So, if you're going to school full-time and are unwilling to quit or take all of your classes after "normal working hours" you will be ineligible for UI benefits. As far as I know, it's the same in all states.

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    the first thought that came to my mind upon reading this post was 1. WHY is college tuition fee is America ridiculously expensive? WHY do colleges need so much money? A college is NOT a company like Apple or Microsoft. My sister will graduate from her 4 years of university soon and the total coast of tuition pee paid during those 4 OMG too much. the amount is almost as much as the U.S. national debt. 2. do colleges REALLY need a lot of money? 3. America is currently facing an economic crisis; it is predicted to be one of the worst ever in U.S. history. So unemployment is a rising issue, the economy is getting spoiled and there are more innocent citizens suffering beneath the poverty line. And i am NOT against the government but the federal government doesn't seem to be sorting it out well. I don't know that much about the ecnonomy, so I learned from my sister (she's a business / economics major) and i can tell that the nation, the economy and so on are all facing a crisis. Soo....i don't know but unless the government promises to like help the poor pay for college or something I strongly suggest that colleges DO NOT raise tuition fees. Otherwise...America will face an even worse educational crisis. Does the stuff I typed make sense? hope it does. And......the good news is that the expensive tuition fee paid to a great college was actually worth it since my sister got a great job 2 weeks before graduation.

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    Very simple - your are getting grants as you are unemployment, but as you start your business - hence you are no longer unemployment so do not qualifies for unemployment grants.

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