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please help me

請英文好的大大們幫幫我翻譯一下。。一定要翻譯準確喔。。英文是(josh我想請你幫個忙,下班後帶我媽媽去披薩店或者便利店買點食物,在americinn住了快一個禮拜了,酒店裏面沒有食物賣,很不方便。你應該聽說了吧,房東的屋頂漏雨,前後樓梯全部被封了,大家全部搬到酒店來住了,還不知道什麽時候回家呢?我聽說傑西卡離開了是嗎?去其他部門了。那現在上班很忙嗎?聽以前的朋友說差不多每天都是清理十四個房間?而且沒有小費?對了,我打算回中國去玩一段時間在回來,去看我外公他們,你兒子最近怎麼樣?好長時間沒見到了,還記得我嗎?很想念你們,最近一切都好吧?。對了,我禮拜六有去foxwoods 的hard rock 吃東西,裏面的感覺真的超級棒,好多漂亮的年輕女孩子,不過好可惜沒有和她們拍照,不過沒關係,下次一定有機會的,對了改天我們兩個約個時間去那邊喝酒。

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    Josh: may I ask you for a favour? Bring my Mom to pizza shop or superstore to buy some food. Staying in americinn for almost one week, there's no food in the pub. it is so inconvenient. josh我想請你幫個忙,下班後帶我媽媽去披薩店或者便利店買點食物,在americinn住了快一個禮拜了,酒店裏面沒有食物賣,很不方便。

    I bet you have heard that landlaord's roof has a leak and the back and front stairs were locked. So everyone has moved into the pub for temporary, still don't know when could go back home.你應該聽說了吧,房東的屋頂漏雨,前後樓梯全部被封了,大家全部搬到酒店來住了,還不知道什麽時候回家呢?

    I heard that Jessica left, did she? She moved to another department. So is it still busy now? some old friends said that there are almost fourteen rooms need to be cleaned everyday? And no tips anymore ? 我聽說傑西卡離開了是嗎?去其他部門了。那現在上班很忙嗎?聽以前的朋友說差不多每天都是清理十四個房間?而且沒有小費?

    By the way, I am planning to go back to China for visiting my grandfather and others and stay for a short term of time. How's your son? It's been a long time not see him. does he still remember me? I miss you so much. Is everything alright? 對了,我打算回中國去玩一段時間在回來,去看我外公他們,你兒子最近怎麼樣?好長時間沒見到了,還記得我嗎?很想念你們,最近一切都好吧?

    Oh, I had some food in hard rock of foxwood on Saturday. It feels so great in there and with so many beautiful young girls. But it's a pity that I wasn't take any pictures with them. That's fine, still have chances. Let's find a day and have some drinks there. 對了,我禮拜六有去foxwoods 的hard rock 吃東西,裏面的感覺真的超級棒,好多漂亮的年輕女孩子,不過好可惜沒有和她們拍照,不過沒關係,下次一定有機會的,對了改天我們兩個約個時間去那邊喝酒。

    翻的口語化一些! 精準度沒問題的!決沒用翻譯軟體

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