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What was the first comic book starring the modern age green lantern?

I would really like to know because I want to start reading the GL comics but I don't want to just jump in I want to start from the beginning

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    Hal Jordan, the silver-age Green Lantern, first appeared in DC Comics' Showcase #22. If you want to start reading there, you have several choices depending on how much you want to spend.

    The cheapest way is Showcase Presents Green Lantern but the reprints are in black-n-white.

    The color reprints are The Green Lantern Chronicles. So far there are only two trades which reprint up to issue #9.

    The more expensive way (short of buying the individual issues) is the Green Lantern Archives.

    If you want the first comic with Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern, you want the trade New Dawn

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    Homeslice is right on, and covered all the bases except one: I think that the best place for a new reader to start and feel like they're starting "from the beginning" without having to read thirty years of prohibitively-expensive books with quality that varies wildly, is to pick up "Green Lantern: Rebirth," which is the comic where the baton was handed off from Kyle Rayner (the main Green Lantern from 1993 until 2005) to Hal Jordan (the main Green Lantern from 1957 to 1993 and then 2005-present). Written by Geoff Johns, who has written every issue of "Green Lantern" since, it's really the beginning of what many readers and critics would think of as "today's" Green Lantern. Additionally, if you start from "Green Lantern: Rebirth" and pick up the trades after it, you'll stumble shortly upon "Green Lantern: Secret Origin," which covers the territory of the beginning of Hal's career and does so in a way that ties it in with today's comics, whereas the reprints alluded to in the previous answer really were written to entertain audiences of their own eras and couldn't anticipate the needs of Johns' "Green Lantern". That said, the books "Emerald Twilight/A New Dawn," "Day of Judgment" and "The Return of Superman" are helpful in establishing plot threads picked up by Johns in his Green Lantern books--although not strictly necessary.

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