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What gives the USA the right to invade foreign countries and tell them what to do?

What gives the USA the right to go to other countries and do what they want to and boss the people around?

Also why are there US Bases all over the world? When did they get the right to act like they own the world.

I hear "This is the greatest country on the face of the earth" like they think this is the only country

in the world.

Also why don't they get that to "protect the homeland" means to stay in their own country and help rebuild places that were destroyed by a weather disaster, and it also means to protect it in its boundaries not send most of the soldiers overseas which that country isn't the US.

You should only give help when they ask for it. Anyhow this will probably get deleted as it's not such a free country where freedom of speech don't exist only on paper. It's sad.


why do people in the US still refers it as nazi germany i don't know ignorance i guess as many there didn't know what was going on or knew and had to do it or they would be killed themselves, people in the us don't understand that.

I'm from Germany and am tired of hearing nazi this when that was Hitler and the people here don't understand people tried to kill him including Adenauer and many others. and if it wasn't for Germans there would be no us look up "there were Germans also there" and German inventors. you wouldn't have spark plugs or xray machine and many things. i like some answers and some not as they are smart alec in nature and don't want to look at it from other point of view.

i also don't see french, Chinese,Italian, British,German bases all over like the us has.

Anyhow interesting answers so far. also Americans stole things in WW2 from. and not everyone in Germany got help like they claim in US History. My grandparents had to give a gold watch for a bag of potatoes.

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    You have asked several questions.

    We had the right to invade Afganistan, because 9/11 came from there.

    THEY invaded us on OUR soil.

    We shouldn't have gone into Iraq though, that was a huge mistake and distraction from bin Laden, who SHOULD have been our main target.

    Most of those bases are there because they want us there.

    Not all, but most.

    Most of the countries have enemies, and they see us as protectors.

    I'm not saying we should be seen that way, i'm just trying to answer your "Q".

    Some of them are negotiated, as in they take billion$ in assistance, and allow us to put in an airfield. (leases)

    A few are leftovers from WW ll.


    Keep in mind, that if the US had NOT occupied West Germany after WW ll, the Russians would have occupied it, and all of their problems would have been worse.

    We are in Germany now, because the Germans want us there. The 2 countries are working closely together as Allies.

    The US occupies a country, tries to "rehab it", then gives it back to the citizens.

    Do the Russians? Chinese? Muslims?

    I am from Bavarian/Bonn stock too, and several of my uncles have visited our "cousins" over there.

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    Morally, nothing. Even if the U.S stopping to police the world, means there are less wars between nation states, it would still be unethical. Nor is expanding our own wealth moral justification to invade countries, and have hundreds of military bases on foreign soil. Every country has the right to self determination. Moreover, there are so many greater things the U.S can do with it's technology, than war. The U.S ought to share it's agricultural technology, and skilled labor, to provide the means for other nations to escape poverty, and develop the means to help themselves provide basic needs, and opportunities for their citizens, the same way the U.S does. The U.S has the power to help everyone be on the same playing field, as opposed to the more primitive route of exploitation that it is currently pursuing.

    Otherwise, power, and the military industrial complex, gives U.S the right to invade other countries. The U.S makes the most weapons. Is technologically ahead of the rest of the world in regards to weapons. The U.S sells weapons to other countries, as do all other countries that make weapons. The U.S pressures other countries to buy it's weapons by upgrading and producing large quantities of its own weapons, causing other nations to try to at least somewhat match U.S power, in order to be taken seriously, i.e not get pushed around and/or occupied. The U.S spends as much on "defense" as the rest of the world combined. Much like a sociopath, the U.S equates having power to as it pleases, with having the right to as it pleases, regardless of ethical consequences.

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  • 4 years ago

    I don't know why you are singling out America. England, Germany, Russia, Italy, Sudan, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Finland, Greece, Romania, Iran, Iraq, France, China, Japan, Spain, Portugal and many other nations have all done the same.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the US bases around the world are established co-operativly between nations. I used to live on a Navy Base in Italy in the early 90's (lil guy at the time). I see little harm in this, as our ships and men would be hard pressed to do what they need to without them (or invading countries for the sole sake of establishing bases)

    keep in mind, this has been going on since Teddy Roosevelt. Cuba, Guam, the Phillipines, Panama.

    The Monroe Doctrine, which basically said that anything happens in the Western Hemisphere is under US' responsibility to take care of (and also established its empire).

    after Roosevelt, we largely followed constitutional law by allowing congress to enact the right to war.

    after FDR left, and World War II ended, there has never been a vote to go to war by Congress.

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    The U.S. was generally out of WWI until the very end of that war and the U.S. would have stayed out of WWII except the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The Soviet Union started the Cold War by getting its hands on several countries around the world. The UN was suppose to take care of the international stuff, but they were involved in the oil for food scandal and tend to send people in without the proper equipment.

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  • Anonymous
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    Because the U.S. is used like a giant hammer by the elite rich bankers. We need to take back our country and get rid of the federal reserve and other criminal organizations that provide the control the elites need to enforce there policies here in America.

    Source(s): History
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  • Anonymous
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    It's a 7 letter word called FREEDOM.

    The US bases in our allies' countries protect our allies and protect us by our presence.

    Because dealing inside the US is something they aren't supposed to do, that's why the National Guard exists.

    This is a private site. You have NO idea what it's like to not have freedom of speech.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    obama can do anything he wants as far as this question goes, he is the commander and chief of the military, so why does he do all that? he does it because its part of his job as the leader of this country to "preserve, maintain, and defend" its kinda hard to do that when your landlocked and let everyone run amok to attack us at there leisure. you have to be able to strike anywhere anytime and be right there in every ones face and when they know that, they think twice before doing something stupid. which is one of many reasons that gives us terrorist.

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  • Anonymous
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    Why do we overthrow oppressive, violent, murderous regimes? What monsters! How dare we attempt to help the populations and eliminate the terrorist threats!

    Every US base in another country is permitted by the country it is in. All those countries are allies, they allow the bases there.

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  • Bethy
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    Every single one of those bases have either a lease that goes with them or they have been asked to be there

    We have not one single base in a country that did not ask for them to be their.

    What gives us the right to go into a country?

    Well if they attack an ally (iraq, nazi germany )

    If they attack us, shelter those that attacked us or aided those that attacked us (afghanistan, Japan)

    or if they broke UN regulations (1441, Iraq must disarm and comply with inspection)

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