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Hello, well im looking for some teen romance novel. now, not just some simple "girl meets boy, girls likes boy, girl dates boy, girl fights with boy, girl makes up with boy, girl and boy live happily ever after." yea NONE of that, i would LOVE some real tearjerkers, or something really sweet. i went to watch the last song few days ago and i did pass a few tears. i LOVED the last song (the movie), so anything you know that sweet and stuff. i read all the twilight series and they were pretty good, but supernatural things are...ehh.. not so heart tearing to me. so yea... please dont give me some romance books that are about adults im 12 but i do NOT want little baby kiddy books as i have mentioned through the "girl blah blah boy" you get my point. so please no kiddy books or hard and complicated books either.

here are the books i plan on getting at the library tomorrow SO DO NOT MENTION THEM!!!!!!!:

sing me to sleep-angela morrison

the host- stephanie meyers

looking for alaska- john green

dreamland- sarah desson

before i die- jenny downham

the angels triology (series)- lurlene mcdaniels

perfect chemistry- simones elkels

girlfriend material- melissa kantor

giving up the v- serena roberts

this lullaby- sarah desson

the truth about forever- sarah desson

bloom- elizabeth scott

evernight (series)- claudia gray

wake(series)- lisa mcmann

kissed by an angel(series)- elizabeth chandler

13 reasons why- jay asher

fallen- lauren kate

i heart you, you haunt me- lisa

the last song- nicholas sparks

a walk to remember- (ive already watched the movie)- nicholas sparks..


those are all the teen romance books ive found, but i went through them again and the only ones i was REALLY interested in are- wake(series), kissed by an angel(series), 13 reasons why, and i heart you, you haunt me.

so those are the kind of books i like. i mean i would really like a book about TEENS not some adults, cause that would be awkward. and books by nicholas sparks are great but most are about adults, sooo no. ive heard about sarah desson but didnt have time to look her up, just heard a few of her books.

so yea. remember supernatural stuff are OK but i dont really enjoy them to full extent unless they are REALLY good.

so yea, thats about it. remember i like really sweet things and tearjerkers, perferably with a happy ending. and i dont really care if it involves sex or anything as long as the book its self is excellent :)

thanks for your time. please include name of book, author and IF you have time a short summary thank you

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    You should read Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater--Supernatural, bittersweet ending, but it's REALLY good. (:

    Try these books, too:

    If I Stay by Gayle Forman

    -Girl is trapped between life and death; she can see her friends and family, but they can't see her.

    Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

    -Ex-boyfriend and girlfriend go on a road trip together.

    Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

    -Girl dies and then has to live the last day of her life over and over.

    The Everafter by Amy Huntley

    -Dead girl uses items she lost in her life to revisit places she went when she was alive.

    The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

    -Girl who's been in a coma for several months awakens with no memory.

    Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

    -Childhood friends are reunited after one thought the other was dead.

    They're all really good + they all have romance. (:

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    Wicked Lovely - Mellisa Marr

    Fragile Eternity - Mellisa Marr

    Wings - Aprilynne Pike

    Evernight - Claudia Gray

    Stargazer - Claudia Gray

    Hourglass - Claudia Gray

    Spells - Aprilynne Pike (out in 1st May)

    Twilight Saga - Stephanie Meyer

    The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks

    Borrowed Light - Anne Finberg

    probably all i know

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    If you stick with Vampire Academy (You most definitely will) you'll cry, laugh and sing like a crackhead. I know I did! The main character is a girl, don't worry about that. Also, the books are Romantic *Sigh* Read them. Like, now. Diss the other books. ;)

    VA (Vampire Academy Series

    1. Vampire Academy

    2. Frostbite

    3. Shadow Kissed

    4. Blood Promise

    5. Spirit Bound (Very Soon...)

    And about Sara Dessen... Diss her too... She writes about dramatic teen's problems (i.e. Alcohol, Abuse etc.)

    Source(s): =D Spirit Bound Coming! Woo-Hoo!
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    Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

    Loved it! :D Its a trilogy the second book is called Catching Fire.

    The third one has not come out yet but it will come this June I don't what day exactly though.

    Hunger Games is somewhat new so I'm not entirley sure it will be in the library.

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    the host is twisted but much better than twilight.

    the truth about forever is one of my favorite books, anything by her is great cuz she connects some parts from other books into the one you are reading. so good choice :)

    well if you like shopping, theres the shopaholic books that are intriguing

    uglies, pretties, specials, and extras are all "young books" w/ lil romance

    water for elephants isnt a "young book" but its one of my all time favorites and is definitely something to look at if you've had any curiosity of living the life in a circus (recommend this!)

    an it girl novel series is good, lots of drama though

    these are longer but have the feel i think your looking for:

    Prom Season by elizabeth craft

    Diving In by kate cann

    Mediterranean Holiday by kate cann

    id tell you i love you but then id have to kill you by ally carter

    sweet valley high by francine pascal (series)

    some others that i love, but arent so young are:

    time traveler's wife

    *the fountainhead by ayn rand

    honest illusions by nora roberts

    vision in white by nora roberts

    (anything by her i think)

    change of heart by judy picoult (intense!)

    im 15 and thats alll i can think of


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    13 reasons why is really good i read it like 6 month ago and i love it and i was 19 years old now im 20

    nora roberts has a bunch of good books

  • Anonymous
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    Pandora, The Vampire Armand...anything by Anne Rice really

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    read True Believer by nicholas sparks

    and At First Sight by nicholas sparks (its the second part to true believer)

    i just finished reading them & i was crying like a baby at the end of At first sight!!

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    I have heard that Not Safe For Vampires is a good read.

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