R.C.M.P outa control? or just my imagination?

alright. little story that i feel wrong about. i work in a small grocery store and one night while i was on break outside having a smoke a female regular customer was arrested in our parking lot. i stood and watched until a member of the rcmp sternly told me to not. he asked that i go inside. i explained i was on break and he told me just to turn around.

what i want to know is if i had the right to watch and if he had any right to tell me not to.

i feel i should have seeing as how it was 2 male and 1 female officers. even though there was a female officer present it still made me uncomfortable ( not to put down any of the fine male and female rcmp who go to work and do one of the hardest jobs in canada every day)

i kinda felt obligated to see what happened but still cowardly retreated to my clerk bench behind the counter.

after the cops searched her car and hauled her away i felt pretty bad (she was searched because they believed she had drugs on her. she was calm the entire time. but the fact that a female officer was present didnt comfort me, sometimes while girls are members of traditionally all boys clubs they decide to play mostly by the boys rules. even if they dont totally agree )

anyway should i have stood my ground and watched? do i have the right as a canadian to do so?

do i have an obligation as a scrutinizer of some ruthless police to do so? ( after seeing people beat and kicked by them i dont have much love for most of em. saw a guy in cuffs get beat down real well in front of my house a couple years ago. he was arrested for beating his wife so i probably felt more for him than i should have)

do the police have the right to hide their activities in a public place?

or am i just blowing this out of preportion?

were they protection the womans right to privacy maybe?


i would rather have my gf exposed a little to strangers than have her alone with police yes.

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  • Roddy
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I believe they asked you to turn around for your customers sake. If they were doing a body search parts of her could have been exposed to your view. Would you want your wife/girlfriend exposed in such a way?

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