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What should I do about Zoey and Taylor?

Hey so I have a girlfriend of named Zoey (we’re both 16) and she’s a great girl but she acts really jealous and possessive, like she owns me and can decide which girls I hang out with, which is annoying.

Like I have this one chick friend named Taylor (also 16) and if we hang out alone and Zoey finds out she gets really pissed. Taylor hates her, and there are usually shouting matches: “Stay away from my boyfriend!” “What’s your problem?!” “Shut up you skank!” But Zoey isn't such a faithful angel herself, she has plenty of close guy friends she hangs out with alone..

Not to mention Taylor is truthfully, really hot: She’s got really big boobs that bounce when she walks, and she’s slender with many curves. She has long shiny, silky hair, and bright beautiful eyes. Did I mention smooth, flawless skin?

When we talk about Zoey, Taylor tries to get me to dump her. “Zoey is such an inconsiderate b*tch to you, you deserve better. And we’ll never get to spend any time together with her on the prowl.” Taylor’s so seductive, and so much more comforting and helpful with my problems. If I’m feeling down and I ask my friends to come over, Zoey never can, but Taylor’s there right away with her soft arms around me, her lips on my cheek, and her soothing words being whispered in my ear.

Plus I can talk to her about anything; we could talk for hours about sex or something. Zoey never wants to because she’s afraid I’ll seduce her (wtf?) Not with Taylor. But Zoey is happy to spoon with other guys, cuddle with them, let them touch her boobs, rub her legs. (I’ve seen her, but never brought it up)

So yesterday Taylor and I were hanging out alone at her house, and Taylor mentioned she’d recently gone up to a 34 D bra size. I said she was lucky, most girls would kill for boobs that big. Then she asked me if I’d like to feel them. I was initially reluctant because of Zoey, but I said yes. So she sat on my lap and we spooned on her bed. I cupped her ample boobs, and started to squeeze and massage them for a little bit. They were so soft and round. When I was doing it Taylor giggled and leaned into my neck, nuzzling it.

. I know I should feel bad, but I don’t. Taylor’s right, Zoey doesn’t treat me like a boyfriend, she treats me like a slave who she makes out with on a regular basis. But now idk what to do. Was it wrong of me to grope Taylor? What should I do about her? And Zoey?

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    ok taylor sounds nice and insanely hot, i say dump your (no offense) b*tch of a girlfriend and have some more good times with taylor. and it wasn't wrong to touch taylor she asked if you wanted to and she initiated it don't feel bad. PS i wouldn't call it groping, groping makes it seem like you forced her to let you touch her

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  • Aww Taylor sounds very nice i dont know about Zoey she sounds a little like a stuck up snob.

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    I'd choose Taylor....

    Zoey just sounds like an ******.....

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