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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationCar MakesMitsubishi · 1 decade ago

Help, is 5psi good on stock 240cc injecotrs?? will chose best answer?

Im on a low budget for a turbo set-up. Some people said stock 240cc injecotrs can handle 60psi?

If I get a FMU (fuel manager unit) ratio of 10.1 that means I have to run 6psi of boost to have 60psi of fuel pressure.

Is that okay on a stock motor? Or I might even run 5.5 psi of boost for 55psi of fuel pressure.

Or is it better to buy a 12.1 fuel ratio and run 4psi at 48psi of fuel pressure

Choices I have ($500 to spend)

Apexi S-AFC

440cc dsm injecotrs


buy a known turbo charger only (I bought a ebay kit)

with a fmu without tune (Mt ecu cant be chipped)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yeah you should be fine just;

    just dont push it until you can get your engine built & fuel system upgraded or you'll blow the motor.

    but i would get intake and exhaust first,

    you dont need 440 injectors unless you plan on getting the injectors and a piggy back ecu to handle it or you'll blow it.

    and the apexi afc is about 350 by itself.

    but even then i wouldnt push the boost up until you at least have pistons and rods, but thats just me.

    Source(s): DSM owner.
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