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Judo vs. Japanese JJ?

I really want to know which is better for self defense, throwing effectiveness, beating up the "school bully", 1 on 1, and which is good against other martial arts such as taekwondo etc. Your help will be appreciated. And please say why.

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    Jon is very right. Judo was derived from Japanese JJ, and both have of the same techniques, however the are different.

    I do not train in either, however, I would suggest that Judo is best of these two arts because:

    1. Judo has a very large emphasise on throws, as well as great ground fighting.

    2. Judo is great for 1 vs 1 combat, and can be used for up to 2 vs 1 fights, if the fighter has been trained properly. But Judo is best for one on one.

    3. Judo is great against other arts because of it's focus on technique and leverage over brute force. Also, it has been proven time and time againt that grappling art can easily defeat a striking art.

    4. Finally, Judo would be great against a "school bully". Most tough guys at your school will not get up after being slammed to the pavement with a perfect throw.

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    I train in japanese JJ so my answer may be biased.

    Judo derived from JJJ, it was adapted by Jigoro Kano. His purpose was to turn JJJ into a sport so he got rid of all the dangerous moves.

    What would you rather learn for self-defence, a sport oriented martial art where you can compete against "resisting opponents" or an art of self-defence?

    To all of you who say judo is better because you train against resisting opponents and in JJJ you don't, you haven't trained in the right dojos. I spar and do randori. Sure when preform a demonstration our opponent doesn't actually want to hit us, and the attacks are anticipated but when you are learning you don't want to go all the way, do you?

    Nontheless judo is an excellent martial art.

    It all depends on the teacher really, if the judo teacher is great and the JJJ teacher isn't, learn judo!

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    You seem to have some concepts erroneous my friend. Judo comes from jujitsu, also called traditional or Japanese Jujitsu. It's founder Jigoro Kano too techniques from jujitsu and discarded weapons and others, and founded Judo. The sport of Judo trains in two aspects, standing grappling, and ground grappling. Brazilian jiujitsu comes from kodokan Judo, Helio Gracie took techniques from it (mostly ground grappling techniques), and founded Gracie or Brazilian jiujitsu. The two arts share many techniques, but the rules of competition are different. Abu Dabi is an open grappling competition, Judokas, Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioners, and wrestlers all compete in it. Brazilian jiujitsu champions would not dominate Judo tournaments because the rules are different, they could outperform Judokas on the ground, but not the standing and throwing. It'd be similar to Brazilian jiujitsu competitors going to Sambo competitionsm, they could do well, but there are aspects that are different, for instance, Sambo has ALOT of leg locks. Even Rickson Gracie and his mythical 400-0 record was exposed when he lost in a Sambo match. There's been lots of Judo vs. Brazilian Jiujitsu matches, look up Helio vs Kimura, the rivalry was awesome.

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    neither is better than the other, it all comes down to how well it is taught and how much you put into it. Judo was derived from JJJ so they involves a lot of the same techniques but with emphasis on different parts and movements. Just go down and check out the clubs, see which has got the best instructor and which you enjoy the most

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    well since i personally trained in both i can tell you that judo is a more effective martial art. JJJ looks cool but honestly speaking when you learn the moves there is very little to no resistance and in real fights, theres obviously going to be resistance, so actually performing the moves is not really going to be that easy. Judo is better because the throws that they teach you, theres over 100 of them and a lot of positions that youll be in in real fights, youll train in them you learn the throws and theyre fairly easy to learn. so yea go with judo JJJ and with judo you learn to take out multiple opponents so thats good too

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  • Judo and boxing will put your bully to shame. Learn russian style judo if you can.

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