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Arlo asked in Social ScienceGender Studies · 10 years ago

Why do anti-feminist women hate feminists more than men do?

I've been noticing this, the anti-feminist women in this section ask far more questions that are critical of feminism than men do. They ask things like "Why should men have to be apologetic for being men?" whereas the men here really don't seem to ask as many questions like that. In fact, we really seem to be a lot more laid back about it. I mean sure we'll ask sarcastic questions about feminism, and we'll make our little comments, but for the most part, we don't seem that bothered by it, at least that's how it seems to me. But the anti-feminist women here, they ask like 50 questions a day criticizing feminism.

Now I don't mean to sound unappreciative, girls. Us men certainly do appreciate all you're doing for our cause. But I'm just wondering, why? Why do the women care more than we do?

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    As an anti-feminist woman (yes I AM a woman, yes I do identify in the outside world as anti-feminist) I have to say that I don't hate feminists. I totally disagree with about 90% of their beliefs. I dislike just about everything that is to be found in the feminist propaganda. I despise the feminist movement.

    It is my contention that feminism has hurt women far more than anything men have done. I believe that the de-femiisization of women has been a major factor in the rise of depression in women and in the divorce rate. I believe that the emasculization of men has harmed men singularly and as a gender within our society. I am sick to death of reading all the little girlies spouting their feminist dogma when they haven't even left their parents homes to experience real life. And I can clearly see how much harm feminism has caused in our families and hence harmed our children and continues to harm our children. Therefore, I will always speak out against feminism, here and in the real world. And I further think that men speak out less becuase they are so vilified if they dare to raise their voices in their own defence.

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  • As a egalitarian and humanist man, I must say that throughout 40+ years the feminists had been very disrespectful not to just men and boys.....but towards women and girls too. The misandry, sexism, censorship, threats, insults, and double standards had gone noticed for a long time....but now that YouTube and many other social websites given people a platform to speak out against it after being exposed to the lies, anti-male propaganda, and hypocrisy....many men and women are waking up to this multi-billion dollar hate movement. It's time for men and boys to have a voice and have our human rights and issues valued to where it can be addressed openly in the media and public so that we can correct this problem in the western world. That isn't to say that women's human rights should stop being addressed....especially the women going through extremely bad conditions in the eastern world. We must all learn to value "evidence" and ask for it from those who spout that the Patriarchy Theory, Rape Culture, and Wage Gap Theory exist...when there is no evidence to say those ideological beliefs exist. Feminism, like Masculism, in its original definition isn't bad.....but it is one-sided in focusing on one gender's issues. The feminist movement is detrimental and had ruined relationships between men and women. I can't fathom the thought having another generation of these problems existing when things are bad enough as it is in modern times. Modern feminism is Marxist and doesn't care about men or boys....therefore doesn't care about "equality". Men and boy's issues are never addressed by the feminists in full and honest detail in a public forum....especially in the media, academia, and political arena. That has to change right now. I will keep speaking out against feminists along with men, boys, women, and girls who recognized that the goals feminist women and pro-feminist men say and acted upon are misguided and not are coming from a genuine place.

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    I wouldn't call it more than men--Gamergate sort proved that wrong with the death/rape threats and whatnot. It's just that women who are supposedly against feminism are, "remarkable" because they are women themselves and the sheer hypocrisy make it all the more poignant. As to why, well, they've deluded themselves with several ideas: 1) that men being in power is natural by some sort of quasi-science/psychobabble reasoning that basically translates to "Just like animals, the stronger should be in power"...even though humans do not overly rely on physical strength anymore and, as humans, we strive not to be animals; 2) that by allying themselves with those they believe to be in/have power, they themselves will be granted power. The problem is, like many things--Islam or Christianity, political movements, what have you--feminism is an ideology that is an umbrella for numerous factions, including radical ones. However, just as there are some subsets that are essentially misandrist there is subsets such as lipstick feminism that believes women can be "girly" and still be active human being. One tends to forget that, essentially, feminism is a branch of humanism that focuses on the concerns facing women and humanism is the belief that everyone should be human, not an animal of burden or an object of property.

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    Feminism is commie propaganda to destroy European/Christian society. Only the dumbest of the dumb truly fall for it. Feminism is an attack against White men and women to break up the White family and drive a wedge between men and women. A feminist's life revolves around 'hating' on men. Her world still revolves around men....hating men.

    Without men women would starve in no time. The male seed creates a child inside of a woman. The woman houses the MALE creation. So don't anyone give me that "without women we would die out crap." Women can do NOTHING without men.

    Who created and invented all technology? WHITE MEN.

    Can women build and maintain cars? A woman takes her car to a MALE mechanic and then claims she doesn't need men. What a joke.

    The roof over a female's head was created and built by men while women set around doing their nails. Women have become nothing but snotty-nosed spoiled brats. But that will change. Society is breaking down and will collapse and the feminists will be hiding their heads in shame as they beg MEN to save them and protect them.

    WATCH!!! You'll see!!!

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  • 6 years ago

    Well you might be aware of how Feminism has no single direction or connotation. Some women say it is about equality, for others it is a battle for privileges and superiority over men. Feminism has also been against gender roles which a lot of women have a problem with. I guess some women believe that Feminists don't show any respect to housewives and expect women to prove themselves at what men have been doing traditionally. So it is bound to make some women angry about the ridicule they face just because they are happy in their lives.

    I'm a male, I'm agnostic to women's or men's rights.

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    10 years ago

    They are passionate and cherish the distinctions between men and women and do not want to see them eradicated. They may have a rather paint brush view that feminist women (the real hardcores) are nothing more than petty tyrants in that some of these women do get stroppy if you are girly and if you enjoy being submissive in your personal life to men. Sometimes, it is like supplanting one dictatorship for another--the patriarchy for the feminists and people just want to be individuals then being controlled by every freaking social group out there so they resent the bullying and shaming tactics of some feminist women. They probably enjoy some of the privileges a woman has in the traditional sense that she does not as a feminist even though she may have more rights as such. They do not trust other women and have been hurt more by the female gender where men have always been kind so that is where their loyalty lies. I do not ask anti feminist questions but I am for the misandry the movement often can entail but brainstorming I would surmise the above.

    • I'm not sure if this is what you meant but "I am for the misandry"?
      So do you support misandry or not?

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    6 years ago

    Feminism doesn't speak for all women and that's coming from a woman!!

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    10 years ago

    I don't hate anyone. I enjoy the jousting.

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  • Emma
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    10 years ago

    Some "women" on here aren't actually women. Not saying that all are like that

    Anyway, because women do have men in their lives that they love very much and get insulted when feminists try to degrade them

    I love my fiance and son so much, I don't want my son to grow up in a world with hateful women

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    As someone who went from growing up with basic egalitarian values, feminism in the dictionary sense, but who went through a radical feminist period in college, then rebelled against that with a brief anti-feminism, before returning to more sensible views, it seems to me that some may be reacting as I did, attacking feminism as part of distinguishing their own values and beliefs from what they identify as feminist. It's part of a process of values clarification. I do think that's the case for some. I would never presume to say it's the case for all though.

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    10 years ago

    probably bad personal experiences

    two guys get into a fight and drink beer together after.

    two women get into it, and watch out

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