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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentGovernment · 1 decade ago

i want to work undercover(FBI & CIA) and like on a tactical team(SWAT or HRT), is this a good plan?

this is my going to a highshcool which specializes in homeland security.

after college: law enforcement(police, then to detective, then swat.) or military(marine), then go to the FBI, become a special agent, then HRT, then CIA.

whats better for my plan? police or marine?


so far..i speak, read, and write 3 languages(spanish, english, and dutch).

i understand lots of cultures, as i have a variety of background being and learning in different places

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    Lets work the tape backwards a bit. The CIA does not want people who were SWAT team members or marines. They are looking for people who are good at foreign languages, understanding different cultures, blending in, and analyzing political and economic situations. Nothing in your projected career path comes within light years of that.

    Secondly, by the time you make the rank of detective in a police force, you will at least be in your mid 30s. Which means the marines will have no interest in you. For that matter, going into SWAT after being a detective means dropping down a couple of ranks. But you'll be too old for SWAT at that point, too.

    It sounds like you need to sit down with a knowledgeable guidance counselor, who can get you focused a little bit.

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    1. We don't know what the plan entailed. Considering all the extralegal practices of the Bush administration, I wouldn't be surprised if the plan was illegal in the extreme, both on a national and international level. 2. He stopped it because the information about it hadn't been provided to the 8 senators that are, by law, supposed to be told about it. To have gone forward with it would be to defy that law very directly. 3. We have no idea whether the plan would even have helped. Considering Bush always believed that the same methods to overtake Iraq could be used in Afghanistan, I don't trust a viewpoint that says this would have certainly been helpful. Generals on the ground in Afghanistan have always noted the situation there being entirely different.

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    Your name said it all. Lala! You have no idea what kind of foolishness you ask of yourself in that field at all. Go ahead and spy on friends and let them use you as they see fit. A life of not knowing if you will see the dawn of a new day or not. Yea! Sounds good don't it?

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    Learn some Farsi

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  • leeks
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    4 years ago

    Cia Tactical Team

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