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Rate my fantasy baseball team?

1st:Mark Texira 2nd:Robinson Cano 3rd:David Wright SS:Troy Tulowiski Catcher:Joe Mauer OF:Carl Crawford, Andrew McCutchen, Jason Heyward Utility: Miguel Cabrera, Micheal Bounre SP: Cliff Lee, Dan Haren, Ubaldo Jimenez RP: Johnathan Broxton, Andrew Bailey P: Rafael Soriano, Billy Wagner, Brian Fuentes BN: Kyle Blanks, Lance Berkman, Ian Stewart, Stephen Strausburg, Fransico Liriano.

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    Mark Teixeira- Good player, one of the best 1B's in the MLB.

    Robinson Cano- He can hoit 21 or more homers, and 85 or more r.b.i's, with a .300 avg

    David Wright- one of the best 3b's

    Troy Tulowitzki- He can hit 31 or more homers, and 94 or more r.b.i's

    Joe Mauer- best catcher in the MLB

    Carl Crawford- he can hit 14 or more homers, 65 or more r.b.i.'s, 51 or more SB, and .300 AVG

    Andrew McCutchen- he can hit 16 plus homers, and 67 plus rbi's, and 34 or more SB

    Jason Heyward- Projections 15 homers, 65 r.bi.'s

    Miguel Cabrera- 25 or more homers, 100 or more rbi's

    Michael Bourn- capable of stealing 55 bases

    Cliff Lee- ace of staff, but is on DL NOW

    Dan Haren- ace of staff

    Ubaldo- 10 plus wins

    Jonathan Broxton- 35 or more saves

    Andrew Bailey- 30 or more saves

    Rafael Soriano- 15 plus saves

    Billy Wagner- 24 plus saves

    Brian Fuentes- 30 plus saves

    Kyle Blanks-13 plus homers, 41 plus rbi's

    Lance Berkman- hurt, but capable of 30 homers, 30 r.bi.'s

    ian stewart- 26 plus homers, 66 plus rbi's

    Stephen Strasburg- will be up in June

    Liriano- have a feeling he'lll have a good year

    Why do you have so many closers?

    I think you have a good team. Out of a ten, you have a 9

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    It is good, Cliff lee might get fewer wins, being on seatle, but still an ace, Texiera is the second or third best first basemen and Cano is very good, if wright stays healthy he should be okay, but not great, u got the best catcher who can be the MVP as long as pujols doesnt do as good and i dont think he will, best offencive catcher ever, above average probably finish 1st or 2nd in your league

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