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Question about Chad Smith (the drummer) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Let me say first off that I am a drummer myself, which makes me wonder, why is Chad Smith reguarded as such a great drummer? He plays very simple two and four beat rythyms, and yes I have seen some of his solos, they're nothing that special. Don't get me wrong at all, he's a great drummer. Let me repeat, he is a GREAT drummer, no doubt. But why is his drumming not as prominent like Travis Barker's in Blink-182?


So you guys agree that he's a good drummer too, but he's part of a great band. And travis barker is the best part of a crud band. Well, why doesn't Chad Smith step it up with his drumming to show more of his skills?

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    Haha +1 for macca & the will ferrel comment :P

    eh okay i am no drummer myself, but i know that Chad is famous for pounding the drums literally to bits, supposedly a friend hooked them up with chad when auditioning for a new drummer (Jack irons their original had left at this stage) & they were totally blown away him & Flea were just perfect from day 1 with one another.

    As for what he plays, just like metal shredders play things very fast sometimes it isn't the best.

    RHCP are very big into letting their notes breathe rather than cramming in a million too many notes. Chad has very good Rhythm, another notable eg of this is Rod De Ath from Rory Gallagher (name of band due to the lead man) he is considered a highly underrated drummer (so is rory the guitarist & lou the keyobardist) but was amazing cause of his rhyhtm by those who knew him.

    It ain't all about fancy flash-solos & pounding away sometimes a simplistic approach is best & when you're trying to tame flea into rhythm that is quite a job

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    NEVER compare Blink 182 to Red Hot Chili Peppers. That should be illegal. Chad Smith may not be the greatest drummer in the world, but he is in an awesome band. Travis Barker on the other hand is the best part of a terrible band. Chad can drum way better than Travis. Anyway, if you think about it, it's not that hard to be regarded to as a great drummer nowadays because of all that pop crap going around ... If you want to hear some bad drumming listen to some modern pop.

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    To be honest I'm not a drummer and I've never really noticed the drums in RHCP. BUT remember that although many drummers become a lot more elaborate (like when you go into metal music), the primary job of a drummer is really to keep the beat. So therefore (I'm using me as an example here) the fact that I don't consciously notice the drums but i still enjoy the general beat of the songs would lead me to think that he is actually a great drummer as he's doing his job perfectly. Remember, you don't have to be elaborate to be great and I'm not just talking about drums either, think of for example The Edge from U2, George Harrison, etc.

    Not sure if I explained that amazingly, haha.


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    I don't get what you are asking.

    First you ask why he's regarded as a great drummer, as if you don't believe he is a great drummer, then you yourself say that he is a great drummer.

    Why is his drumming not like Travis Barker's?

    Is he not allowed to have his own style?

    What, is Travis Barker the standard for drumming now or something?

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    He is not the GREATEST drummer, but like you said, he is a really good drummer. I dont think he is recognized as someone like Travis Barker. But he is part of a really awesome band and he is good at drumming.

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    First of all you cant compare the style of there music blink -182 is pop-rock mix with some punk while red hot chilli peppers have been rock n roll for over 10 years or more and have come with alot of diferent styles.

    Second blink plays faster because of there style while re dhot chilli peppers is a little slower compare to blink-182 so I guess that the diference.

    answer mine?

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