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Cultural and translation question!! English to tagalog?

Ok i want to knw from a traditional filipino family how i would go about apologizing to the mother of my girlfriend? We been together for two years and my girl barley told her mom and she scolded us sayin were too young which we are but we still keep it tradtional meaning no sex before marriage. But i know her mom is upset that we "hid" it for so long so i wana know what is better...a letter of apology or a in person? She speaks good english but i have a feeling i would get more respect that i at least know a few formal words in tagalog.

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    Letter w0nt d0 any good. . Say sorry in person,normaLLy fiLipin0s are warmhearted,if they kn0w u are really sorry or accepting that u made a mistake we wiLL kn0w that with just one look. She was just w0rried abt her daughter,that's aLL,aLL u have to say is that ur sorry,and u didnt d0 anything to harm her daughter in any ways.D0esnt matter if u say it in tagalog she might even say that u just practised it or s0mething but if u really want that, the tagalog for what i mentioned was "patawad po.Nagkamali ako,pero maniwala po kayo na wala po akong ginagawang masama o makakasama sa anak nyo,nirerespeto ko po sya" meaning "im sorry,i was wrong,but believe me,i didnt do anything bad or harmfuL to ur daughter,i respect her" -po- is used when talking to older people as a sign of respect

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    it would be better if you apologize in person...

    It would show your sincerity...

    say it like this "sorry po tita"...

    Im a Filipino... I know it...

    and it would be more better if you give a present...

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    1 of my real bbf

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