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My turn: Rate my Fantasy Baseball Team?

Like to see your opinions, tell me where I'm strong and weak. This is an 11 team points league with 1250 Innings limit. Usual stats with holds for pitchers (I don't have my holds guys yet, collecting saves first then convert over to holds through trades later.)

C-Kurt Suzuki

1B-Kendry Morales

2B-Brandon Phillips

SS-Hanley Ramirez

3B-Ryan Zimmerman

OF-Jason Kubel

OF-Julio Burbon

OF-Adam Dunn

Util-Billy Butler

Bench-Carlos Quentin

Bench-Brendan Ryan (SS/2B)

Bench-Brett Gardner

SP-Zack Greinke

SP-Adam Wainwright

RP-David Aardsma

RP-Ryan Franklin

P-Jason Frasor

P-Ryan Madson

P-Matt Lindstrom

P-JP Howell

Bench-John Lester

Bench-Frank Liriano

Bench-JA Happ

I had 3rd pick out of 11 teams in standard Yahoo serpentine. Think I'll drop Gardner and Howell, maybe trade two of my closers for good setup men with high K/inning and holds (once season gets going since some teams have no closers). What do you think?


I don't hold much stock in bench for hitters, you usually roll with the same guys everyday. Bench for pitchers is most important because you need to rotate good starters, but not too many since there's an inning limit and I like good RP for K/inning and low ERA/WHIP. Two good RPs equal one decent SP.

Update 2:

@Alan-You selected a Best Answer before I was done writing mine!!!! This was my answer to your team: Good team, looks like your league is weak. You have like 5 players who are top 3 picks (Mauer, Zimm, Tulo, Crawford, Felix-maybe), who did the other guys pick those rounds??? Pitching is my guess. Your pitching lacks K's beyond Felix and Cain. You will get your Wins but may have a slightly higher ERA/WHIP than the guys with Lincecum, Greinke, Halladay. You should trade Heyward for a 200+ K pitcher to an eager manager in your league. Heyward looks good, but his stats will probably be .280avg-22HR-80RBI-80Runs, which isn't bad, but you can snag that off waivers if you need it. LaRoche will have similar numbers if you play him in your UTIL. How many rookie hitters had awesome stats their first year? Not too many, so I'm going by history. Take advantage of the Heyward name and get a big K pitcher is my advice. Good luck.

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