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Why doesn't the United States cut off aid?

to both Israel and the Palestinians?

Both are terrorist states, and as such, do not deserve our aid. If they want to slaughter each other, good. The world would be a better place if Israel and Palestine did not exist.

Surely this is something both conservatives and liberals can agree?

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  • 3 years ago

    i think of america could be extra perfect off, and that i understand some could be harm by potential of it, if remote places help is a minimum of suspended in the mean time. From what I study from information comments, many of the remote places help we deliver to different countries never gets to the individuals who so desperately choose it yet as a replace is going to the prosperous leaders of those countries for their inner maximum use. i think of we would desire to consistently slowly convey back our production base commencing up by potential of proscribing imports and make those products right here. %. one product before everything, manufacture it right here, and while there is adequate produced for our enjoyed ones desires end the imports of that product and start up with a sparkling merchandise. proceed this technique till we manufacture maximum all of what we eat then, as our monetary gadget expands and could become rewarding back, we can resume remote places help that we could locate the money for and require It for use for what it fairly is meant for. too lots money is being wasted and unaccounted for and it fairly is through the fact our flesh pressers in Washington are no longer being held to blame. remote places help is a stable element besides the undeniable fact that it would desire to start at abode and be a to blame challenge.

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  • 10 years ago

    Because America has Geo-political interests in those nations. If they allow themselves to lose power and influence in that region, their geo-political rivals Russia and China will step in and influence the future of those states. In the long run, this weakens the US's ability to be a global player.

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