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The name of this children's game?

Well there is this game for children which goes like this. There are let's say 5 children. Then there is you. The game consists of preventing 1 of the child from seeing, like putting one's hand in front of his eyes. Then you call the others one by one and assign each of them a colour. Then you call, let's say the child with colour blue. He will come n touch the outstretched hand of the blindfolded child then quickly go back and change places with the others. Then the blindfolded child will have to identify who has touched him.

It is what happens but I've forgotten HOW you assign colours to the other children?? is it after blindfolding the one? or before? I know there is something about whispering in ears. But I don't know whether it is you who whisper the colour in the child's ear or the child who chooses his own colour?

If you know the game and you have understood my explanation :), could you help plz?? thxx:)x

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    I don't think that's the game she's talking about, Sylvia, although it is similar. I've never heard of this game, but it doesn't sound like it would matter at all when you assign the colors, as long as the blindfolded child doesn't hear you say the color. After blindfolding the child would probably be best, just in case they hear the color, that way they wouldn't know which child received that color.

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    Heads up 7-up.

    When i played it we didn't use colors. Everybody would sit at their desks and the teacher would pick 5 kids to stand in front of class. Then the kids remaining in their seats would put their heads down with a thumb sticking out. The kids who were chosen would go around the classroom choosing one person each by putting their thumb down. When they r done choosing their kid, the teacher would call "heads up 7-up" and the kids who had their thumbs down would start to guess who picked them.

    It was a fun game to play if we had extra time in class.

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