Have you ever been outed?

Has someone ever just blurted out the fact that you are gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered? What was your reaction when it happened?

I know I was outed, several times, to my sister, and I wasn't ready to deal with her about the issue. I've had several friends out me to my other friends with whom I was a bit apprehensive on telling. And in most instances, I've wanted to kill the person who outed me, but now I want to shake their hand because nothing too negative came out of it.


Sammie- That sucks that your family treated you like that. But at least you had a place to go when you were kicked out. I have a few friends who were kicked out and had no place to go. But it's always a good thing to finally be able to be yourself!

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    My sister pretty much blurted out in front of everyone "Your not gay... you ust think you are, your just confused" That hurt me yes, because I know I like other guys and that no matter what their not going to accept that. You know what, though? I live my life the way I want to... I didn't choose to like guys but I do choose To ADMIT to liking guys physically and emotionally and I am NOT sorry for it. Nor do I owe her an apology. Being around her has never felt the same. I still love her but not like I used to. I just don't feel I can talk to her about just anything anymore... it's sad but it's life right? I'm glad that your friend accepted you I have only told one of my friends and he's cool with it.

    Have a great day =)

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    Unfortunately yes, I have been outed before by own sister I know she didn't mean it or did intentionally though the situation set that up. I wasn't so much affected by it, everyone knew I wasn't er..per say "straight," so it wasn't a big deal till it spread it around.

    Even adults can be cruel it's kind of sad how hate crimes are still around, but after awhile it wasn't bad everyone was chill. At this point when someone points out that I'm a pansexual it's a favour instead of a curse or something along those lines. It's much more comfortable anyways.

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    yes i was outed by my mom, my older sister, my grandparents,and alot of other family but thoes matteri never see my grandparents anymore because of it, my older sister wont even talk to me and we have not talked in over a year, my mom kicked me out of her house, and by tha way i am only 16 now i live at my aunts and uncles, but it was tha best thing i had ever done because now i can be myself, hehe

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    I found out later that my brother had outed me. And I had never talked to him about it - he was just guessing (correctly, but it was just a guess).

    We haven't spoken since (more than ten years)

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    mhm...to everyone on my dorm floor.

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