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RWF (Real Wrestling Federation) Sign Ups [Divas Needed] + Opinions on David Otunga?

I am officially ending my E-Fed, WWE+TNA. It has been running for about 3 months now and has become pretty successful. I am ending it because I have gone to notice that doing an E-Fed based on real wrestlers gets boring and dull really quickly which is why I am creating a new E-Fed. It will be called RWF (Real Wrestling Federation.) Sign up now!







Signature Moves (1-10):


Stable, Tag Team, or Singles Wrestler:

The two brands are Primetime and Showdown.

Primetime Titles:

Primetime World Heavyweight Championship

United States Championship

Women's Championship

Primetime Tag Team Championships

Showdown Titles:

Showdown Championship

Global Championship

Vixen's Championship

Showdown Tag Team Championships

Primetime Roster:

The Funking Punk

Deadman 4 Life

The Raven Effect


Jack Hunter

Amazing X

Risky Business (Primetime World Heavyweight Champion)

Ryan Blade


Duke Crowley

Justin Windgate

The Charger


Brent Burnz

Marq "The Bolt" Banks




Master of Moves

The Stoner

Mr. Amazing


Cameron Hart

Ms Candylicious

Sexy Chick

Showdown Roster: (Needs More Superstars)

King Cliff (Showdown Champion)

Shooting Stellar Press

Todd Morris

Blue Flame

Rock N' Wrestling Connection



Dylan Klein (Global Champion)



MA Beast

Amazing C (Showdown Tag Team Champion)

The Code Man

JayJay Helterbrand (Showdown Tag Team Champion)


Shaun Cold

Ted Dibiase Jr.

The Hardcore Icon

The All Time Classic

"The King of Awesomeness" Terra Ryzink

Moshi Man


Brayden Crocker

Mr Fahrenheit

Michelle McKeinzie

Jamie Lee


No attacking someone in your promo unless the attackee gives you permission.

No racial slurs in promos unless you give a brief apology after the promo.

Promo the best you can to get a push. Vote and promo on every preview of you respective show, whether on the card or not.

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    Name: perez

    Height: 5'12


    Theme: Homicedes etntrance

    Gimmick: a thug

    Brand: Showdown

    Finishers(1-2): 619

    Singles Wrestler:

    The two brands are Primetime and Showdown

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  • 3 years ago

    The Stoner 6'a million 220 electric powered highway My gimmick is an extremely laid back cool dude who's particularly calm and laid back. till now each experience i mild of a J and bypass it contained in direction of the gang. Showdown Signiture strikes: working Lariat Spinning back Hand Springboard Dropkick equipment Piledriver Shining Wizard Tiger driving force ninety 8 comprehensive Nelson Backbreaker Crossface Avalance Cutter Brainbuster ending strikes: Burning Hammer Anaconda Vice single Wrestler

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    1 decade ago

    Good, You out me on the Showdown Roster (Blue Flame) Where is the Website

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    David Otunga sux balls IMO.

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    website?if u have a web ill join

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    I don't get it.

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