The most controversial aspect of the Tennessee Valley Authority was its efforts in?

A) electrical power.

B) flood control.

C) soil conservation.

D) reforestation.

E) resettlement of poor farmers.

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    E. It was known from the earliest times that land along the river was the most productive, due to periodic flooding. (Think Nile River). Those farmsteads were the first to be condemned by the Feds and the families displaced--onto far less productive land. Many of these farms were in the same family for a century or more, and held the family grave yard as well.

    It was the huge water reservoirs formed behind the dams that caused the other big problem, in as much as these often isolated farms valued their remove, and the people didn't appreciate the scope of the dam's effects to submerge entire valleys, especially the higher ground they lived on.

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    The most controversial aspect was E - resettlement of poor farmers. TVA took their land and moved them to less productive areas. The purpose of TVA was A and B.

    Source(s): Documentary "Power to the People"
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