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Would you be interested to see how this character matures/progresses?

Right now, she's a bit of an arrogant witch. She matures greatly throughout the novel and I'm just wondering if you'd be interested as a reader to see that. (I'm not offering my story to people, if that's what it sounds like, either.)


Inspired by Hermione Granger, Rose Sharpe is an intelligent young woman who likes to read and study. She has bright red hair that is susceptible to humidity and she often wears it in a loose bun. She is not much of a fashion icon, as she wears dorky and out of style clothes. Makeup is not her forte, so she doesn't wear any of it.

She is socially awkward, and is only friends with the most patient of people. She cannot stand airheads and when asked, she can recite whole paragraphs from her most favourite books. Rose uses a lavender perfume but only wears it on special occasions as it was once her mothers and it is running low. Rose also plays the flute.

Although contrary to wide belief, Rose actually isn't as tough and ground as she seems. She does enjoy a good romance read once in a while and even the girlish instinct for shoes is evident. Only once in her life has she opened up and actually cried in front of another person, this time being when she was adopted into the school.

Rose doesn't believe in 'love' and has only ever truly been friends with one boy in her life. Some people find her irritating because she is far too mature for her age and is sometimes unrelenting on tiny details. She has a critical eye and is sometimes snappy to those who are not of equal intelligence. All in all, she only wants to make friends, but because of her awkward and difficult personality, she finds this hard to do, blaming it on everybody else's errors and never stopping and asking herself what the problem really is.

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    If developed properly, it could be done well. The maturation process could either be VERY interesting, or it could fall totally flat (cliched).

    With the ways that the other person listed, this could come off as cliched. Especially with the falling in love thing. Why would she renounce all of her beliefs for one person? That sort of thing isn't really believable (not saying that you are going to do that, just putting it out there), and it risks having your dude become a Gary Stu.

    That being said, I do think she is very well developed so far, and it could be QUITE interesting :)

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    Hi there,

    May I guess?

    1. She finds a friend.

    2. She begins to open up to others.

    3. She probably falls in love.

    So, all in all, I can't say I find her particularly interesting as of now.



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    yes like to see where you take her ,PROOF READ IT AND TAKE OUT AS MANY AND;S AS YOU CAN AND WORDS THAT YOU DON;T THINK ARE NEEDED TRY IS ALSO then read it back and see how it sounds good luck, hope have not confused you ,and and is are the two words I speak of

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