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How many hours do I need to wait after drinking 5, 4.8% cans of bundy rum&cola to have 0% to drive in the mrn.?

Im on my P's so i have to have 0% of alcohol in me

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    What's a P's??

    Just drank a load of H20, and some electrolytes (aka Gatorade and/or my favorite, 0 calorie Powerade in lime).

    Water does not do as good a job at sobering u up as Powerade at a chilled temperature.

    Source(s): I have this sobriety thing down to an art....
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    The general rule of thumb is that for every drink you consume, you should wait one hour. Of course this varies according to a few factors, such as body weight, alcohol tolerance, etc.

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    just drink a **** load of water before you go to bed

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