Is the National Miss American Pagent Free?

i got a letter from them and at first i thought they were free, but then i got on their website and i started reading about sponcer fee's. Am i supposed to pay for the open call? Do i have to pay anything at all? and how much do i have to pay and when do i pay it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Open Call is free to go to, and you will be interviewed and fill out an application, you will not be asked to pay anything at the open call. If you get picked to be in the pageant this year, the sponsor fee is $440. I always have people help sponsor me. I ask family members and friends plus businesses that my family goes to alot, like our drycleaner, insurance agent, optometrist, hair salon, people my parents work with and people we know from church. I make a list of who i want to ask help me and I go in person, (except for my relatives who will just mail me a donation because they know how much i like being in the pagean). If 10 people help you by donating $44, the entire fee is paid! It is really not that hard to find sponsors. I encourage you to go to the open call, and they will explain all of this to you and answer a lot of other questions you might have.They will give you lots of time to mail in the payments, you do not have to pay the entire $440 right away.

    Source(s): personal experience raising sponsor fees to be in National American Miss pageant.
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