Caught boyfriend looking for women on Craigslist..continuation from earlier question.?

I asked a question a few days ago after catching my boyfriend of 4 years emailing someone he found on Craigslist looking for sex or dating..actually dating I just discovered. Well long story short..the original email didn't send, I made a fake email account and responded as the girl. We have been emailing back and forth, all the while he not knowing it is really me he is talking to. He was even writing emails while I was on the phone with him! He just got a new computer and doesn't have any he asked me on the phone how to copy pics he has on Facebook to save on his computer (so he could email them to this 'girl' which he did!). I told him knowing exactly what was going on.

So tonight we (me as the 'other' girl) chatted online for a few hours. I called him tonight and he said he was tired and fell asleep so that was why he didn't call back when he said he would. In fact, he was chatting with his new 'friend' the whole time! And he said he was tired and needed to get in bed so he got off the phone..and continued chatting with the 'girl' for another 2 hours! I have all the convos saved to my email.

So here is my should I let him know about all of this? He is in the military and is coincidentally coming home tomorrow so I will get to see him. We have been doing an LDR because I'm in school still. The original plan was to set up a webcam 'date' as the girl and then when the webcam turns on he gets to see my smiling face as I dump him. This seems like a great idea to me...but I'm thinking I may have found another option since he will be coming to my campus to spend the week with me. What do all of you think if I have him park his truck on the far end of campus in the visitor parking (a mile away from my residence hall) and after he takes me on the big shopping spree he promised I suggest we take a walk outside (around 11 pm). I have the papers ready and hand them to him like I'm giving him a big surprise that I'm soo excited about. While I'm smiling and being all sweet he opens and sees the emails and convos. And then I tell him to F off, dump him, and go back into the building (which he can't enter without the special fob). He can then try to find his way back to his truck a mile away in the dark. I get to see the look on his face either way...which sounds better? Waiting a few extra days for the webcam or doing in face to face? Or do any of you have better ideas? This jerk deserves soo much more after everything he has done but I can't give him what he really deserves without dropping myself down a few levels, and he isn't worth it.

Oh..and he said that we broke up in August and that he didn't love me and was ready to move on in the chat convo. I asked all kinds of questions haha. And he is planning on taking the 'girl' on a date as soon as he gets back to his military base!!! I've been acting like the perfect girlfriend the past few fighting, acting all loving and sweet, and just doing everything that I know he loves. Just to emphasize how much he is losing :)


Jim, if you are so concerned with wasting your time then why even take the time to provide an answer? I was also slightly bemused by your attempts to sound educated as to emphasize the poor grammar I used while rushing to type my question. However, I seriously doubt that you are as educated and intelligent as you seem to think. If I am wrong then you should probably be using your time and gifts in more productive ways.

I realize that this all sounds immature and I have never really done much in the way of revenge because I don't have that much time lol...but this is not the first time he has done horrible things and I was stupid enough to stay with him the other times. I am fed up and want to at least avenge my broken heart a little bit. Thanks everyone!!

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    You go girl! I am proud of you! he needs to get his sorry self dumped. Thats how I found Out my ex was cheating on me he's also in the military! I would really love it if you make him take you shopping and make him waste a good amount of money and then Surprise him by giving him that huge surprise!!! I'm happy your handling it like this! hey email me or message me on yahoo!


    Source(s): LIFE! P.S Slap his sorry A** for me :)
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    He may not be as set back as you think he will be. Apparently he has not been as "in" to you as you thought or wished he was. All you are going to accomplish with your conniving is hard feelings. After all, you are not betrothed/engaged so why shouldn't he be seeking someone who might turn him on more than you do. Your vindictiveness is scary. Would you be a controlling wife? Perhaps paranoid or overly jealous? If he is good in bed or does he like to spend money on you exploit the relationship and enjoy. Friends come and go but enemies can accumulate. You never know when you may need a friend but what good are enemies?

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    Do it face to face:) And what would be even better is if you could get a friend to video tape it and post it on the web so no other girls have to deal with that jerk and he could end up alone!!! The least he could do is give you a shopping spree lol good luck

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    Usually, I try to talk people out of revenge, but, for some reason, I am on your side. I like both your ideas. It would be so hard for me to continue being nice to him. But, in order for you to get your revenge, I guess you have to. I am the type that would just mention it over the phone and tell him to not bother to come home and see me. Good Luck!

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    Wow what a pig. Normally I am not vindictive, but I think he has it coming. I say go for the face to face option, might as well get the shopping spree out of it.

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    DAING girl!! Kudos for your detective skills! I'm sooo impressed you've been able to keep this up! I'm just keeping my fingers crossed so he doesnt find this on yahoo answers! Honestly i LOVE both ideas i couldnt pick! BOTH are sooo brilliant, i would deffo wanan know what happened! How did you find out all of this was going on? Wow simply wow!

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    Just don't show your insecurities, let's just say its a guy thing to talk about naked women and get excited in the process... but they still go back to the realization that you are still his girlfriend.

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    Omg, the one where you face to face with him in the campus

    is the perfect way to break up with him.

    He is such a jerk from what you said.

    All i gotta say is you gooo you deserve so much better.

    Good Luck with everything!

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    My fiance and i think your a genius!! Go on that big ole' shopping spree!!! moneys tight these days, drop all your stuff in your dorm first so he cant take it from you. Have fun with it! Wish i could see this, it going to be awesome!

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    Great point, I'm interested to know more too

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