Who has had better players, America or Chivas?

who has had the best players, Chivas or America?

Chivas-Bravo,Bofo,Magallon,Sanchez are all i can think of on top of my head that have done something good with Chivas

America-Blanco,Ochoa,Villa,Insua,Arguello,El Matador,Pardo,Arguello,Cabanas,Robert,Tena,Aguirre,Reinoso...

so who has had the best players?

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    Chivas - Ramon Morales, Salvador Reyes, Manuel Sol, Luis Garcia, Jared Borgetti, Claudio "El Emperador" Suarez (in my opinion the best all time Mexican Defender), Javier Aguirre, Oswaldo Sanchez, Ramon Ramirez Those are the ones that come to mind from Guadalajara.

    America - Cuahutemoc Blanco, Alfredo Tena, Zague, Enrique Borja, Carlos Hermosillo, Pavel Pardo, Adolfo Rios, German Villa, Daniel Brailovsky, Carlos Reinoso, Ricardo Rojas, Oscar Rojas, Salvador Cabanas. Those are the ones that come to mind from America.

    I Didn't include some of your players because some are yet to achieve any type of glory.

    In my sincere opinion, both teams have fielded some of the most outstanding talent in Mexican Football. I will, however have to go with Club America. They have managed to put some incredible players over the years, however Guadalajara isn't far behind and it did take me a few minutes of thinking (I swear!) to come up with this decision. Guadalajara however deserves special praise because they have managed to do this fielding an all-mexican squad.

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    the two communities have been blessed with great gamers and its no longer straightforward to choose which team had it greater effective without encountering any bias. i do no longer likely pay interest to Chivas yet i understand usa of america has had its share of great athletes: Hector Zelada, Adrian Chavez, Adolfo Rios, Alfredo Tena, Daniel Brailovsky, Carlos Reinoso, Zague, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, etc. Ivan Zamorano additionally performed for usa of america and that grew to become right into a great deal.

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    Jajaja obviamente no sabes de lo que hablas compa que paso con maza, salcido o las leyendas Chava Reyes, El tubo Gomez, Fernando Quirarte, Ramoncito Morales. Ramon Ramirez.........Le sigo???

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    Hands down on Chivas, and i also agree with wolf on one person who isnt tht great, that would be Ochoa.

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    CHIVAS they have more players that are going to south Africa

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