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What to do when you fall in love with a foreign exchange student?

So this is my senior year and I decide to be single and here comes this beautiful foreign exchange student from Germany. She asks me to escort her as she ran for football homecoming queen, I'm the quarterback:) So I said sure why not... well she gives me her number and we started talking a lot. A couple months go by and then we ended up kissing. We told each other we can't get too close. well we couldnt help it and next thing you know I realized I loved her. I have dated other girls for a year or two at a time and never have I felt like this towards a girl. I know i'm in love and now she has to leave in June. I'm going to get crushed and so will she but I really dont see myself trying to date or to love anyone else. This sounds crazy but I cant help my feelings towards her. What are some of your opinions or answers for me? thanks

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    well, if u like her, then like her...

    and if u would like to make it work, i'll give u some suggestion

    why don't u be an exchange student in germany ?

    or have a long distance relationship and visit each other once a year or twice a year?

    :) hope it helps

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    you can go to college in germany (just a thought)

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    tell her hitlers aweosme

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